Rooibos Tea Benefits and Anti Aging

Rooibos tea Belta Folic Acid

Rooibos tea is getting popular as a drink for women who are interested in health and beauty.

However, even though you already know that rooibos tea is good for your health, many of you probably don’t know all of the effects of rooibos tea.

Therefore, we shall introduce what makes rooibos tea special. In this article, it’s all about anti aging. Take a look!

Rooibos tea is “the miracle tea” for detox

Rooibos tea is popular among women as the tea with high beauty and health effects. Originally, it received attention as an effective remedy for hay fever and atopic dermatitis. However, it also contains a lot of ingredients for anti-aging and beautiful skin.

When we get older, active oxygen occurs in our body, and aging progresses. A little bit of active oxygen is necessary, but too much can starve normal cells and destroy our body.

As this active oxygen increases, the resistance of the body weakens and immunity decreases. It is said that 85% of all causes of diseases including lifestyle diseases are active oxygen. It is deeply related not only to diseases but also to aging of the skin such as spots and wrinkles.

The component “SOD” to prevent active oxygen is the key factor

Rooibos tea contains various antioxidant ingredients including antioxidant SOD (superoxide dismutase) that prevents body oxidation by active oxygen. Studies on the antioxidative properties of tea on the market show that rooibos tea has as high antioxidant effect as ginkgo tea and green tea. This antioxidant property may be caused by the fact that rooibos tea contains a lot of antioxidant ingredients such as quercetin and catechin.

In addition, the antioxidant ingredient SOD (superoxide dismutase) is an enzyme that removes active oxygen in the body and is present in large amounts in the mitochondria of the cell. Because there is SOD in the body, it prevents the body from being oxidized by active oxygen, so it is also used for anticancer drugs and so on.

To be exact, rooibos tea does not contain SOD itself. Originally, SOD is an enzyme made of proteins made in the body. Although SOD synthesized in the body decreases with age, Rooibos tea contains an “Enzyme-like SOD” which has an action similar to SOD. Therefore, it is said that rooibos tea has antioxidant action by SOD.

Besides this, rooibos tea contains abundant minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. These active ingredients further enhance the effects of antioxidant function.

Rooibos tea is recommended for people who care about gray hair

In addition to making skin beautiful, rooibos tea is also a useful measure against gray hair. Not only spots and wrinkles make you look older. When you have gray hair, you feel old, don’t you?

Many people also care about the shine and color of their hair, especially gray hair. Rooibos tea contains many “copper”, “zinc” and “calcium” generally ingested for prevention of gray hair. Of course, SOD (superoxide dismutase) which we mentioned earlier also helps with graying hair. With the combination of these powerful ingredients, rooibos tea is recommended for people who care about gray hair or notice that your hair is losing its sheen.

If you dye or color your hair with color treatments every time they grow, you may feel tired. Then you should start drinking rooibos tea to take measures against gray hair from the inside. It may take time to see the effect but it’s worth the try!


Rooibos tea has many great effects for women such as preventing spots, wrinkles and gray hair. If you care about your health and beauty, you need to take care your body from the inside. Drink Belta Rooibos Tea and prevent aging!

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