Relax Your Body and Mind with Maternity Yoga during Pregnancy!

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Yoga has many benefits both mentally and physically, such as meditation, breathing exercises to breathe deeply, and relaxed movements while holding poses. Maternity yoga is a version of such yoga that can be practiced when you are pregnant.

You may wonder “What is maternity yoga?

We will introduce maternity yoga in this article for those who are wondering what it is.

Maternity yoga is yoga for pregnant women that is performed from 13 weeks of pregnancy until just before delivery. The program is designed to support a woman’s mental and physical stability during pregnancy, and there may be separate classes for each pregnancy period and purpose.

Basically, it is the same as regular yoga, but maternity yoga is performed in a way that does not put too much strain on the pregnant woman or her baby.

Advantages of Maternity Yoga

Pregnant women are prone to lack exercise, but they are not able to perform high-impact exercises. Maternity yoga is recommended as a way to relieve the lack of exercise because it is done with slow breathing and movements, which reduces the burden on the body and the impact on the baby.

In addition, pregnancy requires more physical strength than usual due to changes in body shape. Maternity yoga is a great way to build up your physical strength to cope with the changes in your body shape.

Stiff shoulders, lower back pain, tiredness of the feet, constipation, and other unpleasant symptoms common to pregnant women can be alleviated by moderate physical exercise that promotes blood flow.

In addition, by softening the hip joints, it becomes easier to open the pelvis, which can lead to an easier delivery.

It is also said that the unique breathing techniques used in maternity yoga help to relax the mind and balance the autonomic nervous system.

When you are pregnant, you may not be able to move as much as you would like, or you may feel irritated or anxious due to the large change in hormone balance. This stress is not only painful for the pregnant woman herself, but also affects the people around her, such as her partner. This is why it is very important for pregnant women to relax and balance their minds through maternity yoga.

It is said that the unique breathing techniques of maternity yoga can also be applied to breathing during childbirth, and some obstetrics and gynecology departments offer classes to ensure a smooth delivery.

Furthermore, in maternity yoga, meditation is done along with deep breathing, and by being aware of the presence of the baby during meditation, it is as if you are having a conversation with the baby, which leads to the development of motherhood, which in turn leads to the preparation of the mind for childbirth.

In this way, maternity yoga has many advantages for pregnant women.

Yoga poses performed in maternity yoga

Maternity yoga has many benefits for pregnant women, but what kind of poses are used in maternity yoga? You may wonder, “I’m not flexible at all for yoga…” The following are just a few of the poses used in maternity yoga, so you can take a look.

Hips-up pose

As the baby grows, the pregnant woman’s gastrointestinal tract and bladder become compressed. This can lead to loss of appetite, constipation, and urine leakage. A pose to alleviate these symptoms is the “Hips-up Pose”.

  1. Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent.
  2. Keep your heels as close to your hips as possible. Both knees should be slightly wider than hip-width apart for better balance.
  3. Put your arms next to your body, palms down on the floor.
  4. Inhale deeply and raise your hips while you exhale. Raise from the pelvis, then slowly raise the spine in turn, starting from the area closest to the pelvis.
  5. When lowering, do the opposite of raising, starting from the spine to the pelvis.

When you start learning maternity yoga, you will know there are many different poses in maternity yoga. Choose the poses that best suit your purpose, or avoid poses that are too strenuous and only do poses that you are comfortable with.

Points to keep in mind when practicing maternity yoga

There is no such thing as a “safe” pregnancy or delivery as long as you do “XXX”. And there is no such thing as a “healthy and easy delivery if you do maternity yoga”. So, please consult with your own physical condition while doing maternity yoga.

Here are some things to keep in mind when practicing maternity yoga.

Consult with your doctor

Always consult with your doctor before doing maternity yoga. Many of the classes require a doctor’s permission as well. Do not think that you will be fine because it is maternity yoga, but ask your doctor for permission before you start.

Know when not to do maternity yoga

Do not force yourself to do yoga if you are not feeling well or in a good mood. When you are pregnant, you will experience many things that are different from before pregnancy such as morning sickness, back pain, irritability, and anxiety.

Until you get used to it, you may not be able to find your own pace, and the strain on your body may increase unintentionally. Maternity yoga does not have to be practiced every day. It is OK to take a break if you feel unwell today. Also, do not do it after eating or right after taking a bath, as it may cause you to feel sick.

Choose your clothes

When practicing maternity yoga, remove the supporters or belly band and wear relaxing clothing. As your belly gets bigger, your center of gravity changes, making it easier to fall. If possible, try to do the exercise barefoot, as socks can make you slip.

If you feel cold, you may wear socks. In this case, be sure to use a yoga mat to avoid falling.


Ideally, it should be done under the supervision of a knowledgeable instructor who has a good grasp of the delicate physical condition of pregnancy.

It is said that practicing maternity yoga during pregnancy has a positive effect on both body and mind. Not only does it help the pregnant woman to feel better, but it can also help her to feel more joyful as a mother by being aware of the presence of her baby in her belly. If you are interested in maternity yoga, you should definitely try it.

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