Best Pregnancy Pillows Recommended for Pregnant Women

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A pillow is often introduced as an indispensable item for a pregnant woman, but some people may wonder whether it is really necessary. If the stomach is not yet large, many people do not feel the necessity of holding a pillow when it is early pregnancy or medium term.

However, the second term of pregnancy will demonstrate the necessity of using the pillow. And upon entering late pregnancy, most women cannot sleep well without a holding pillow.

In this article, we will introduce pillows recommended for pregnant women. Here are 3 popular types of pillows recommended for pregnant women.

Reason for recommending pillows to pregnant women

When you are eager to lie down, a pillow makes it very convenient.

When a pregnant woman is in the middle to the late stage of pregnancy, the stomach becomes much heavier and she will sleep sideways naturally, and if you have a pillow you can deposit your stomach weight to the side.

It is recommended that pregnant women who are suffering from the discomfort of sleeping sideways, feeling stuffy, difficulty sleeping, lower back pain from the weight of the stomach to try holding a pillow.

If you can spend your sleeping time in a comfortable position, you should be able to improve your discomfort during pregnancy.

When can I use a pillow?

Use a pillow anytime at your convenience. Generally, it is recommended around mid-pregnancy when you start feeling the weight of your stomach.

You can use it from the early pregnancy stage, up until childbirth. Quality pillows can be used for an unexpectedly long time especially if it is a type that has purposes other than a pillow.

Types that can be used after childbirth

These are multi-types that can not only be used as a pillow during pregnancy but also after childbirth. Read the following carefully!

Breastfeeding cushion dual-use type

A breastfeeding cushion is a cushion on which you can place a baby when breastfeeding. It provides convenient support when lifting the baby with both hands.

The breastfeeding period has individual differences, but a longer breastfeeding period will last nearly a year.

Baby’s sitting support cushion dual-use type

It is a support cushion when a baby sits by himself/herself. It holds/supports a baby in a circular shape by fastening both ends of the pillow.

There are individual differences here, but it will take months before a baby can sit alone. You can use it also when you are sitting with a baby.

Full body maternity (holding) pillow

A holding pillow can also become a nursing cushion. The crescent-shaped long size makes it a big successful comfort in prenatal birth.

Pillow powder beads

The unique feel of powder beads is popular.

Because it is not a pillow specialized for pregnant women, it is not for multi-use such as a nursing cushion or sitting support, but it is a popular item that provides a pleasant feeling and relief.

It is a good way to get a good sleep with a high-quality pillow because there are many moms who suffer from sleep deprivation after childbirth.

king size body pillow

This is not specialized for pregnant women but a general pillow, a king-sized pillow that is popular with a wide range of generations.


We have introduced three pillows recommended for pregnant women.

Body pillows are large in size and many people get lost when choosing from the different types, but it is very convenient when entering late pregnancy. There is no loss in buying it.

Breast-feeding cushion, as well as sitting support, can reduce the swelling of the foot and still function as a pillow for a nap with a baby.

Because the pillow is an item that can be used for a long period of time very conveniently, why not try buying one for your own comfort during and after pregnancy.

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