Are You Pregnant with Twins? Precautions on Pregnancy, Preparations for Childbirth and Mental Attitude on Childcare


Pregnancy is, more than anything, happy news. If the new life in your stomach is twins, joy will also be doubled. However, it might make you a little uneasy to think about doubling the parenting efforts and expenses as well. It may be shocking for first time moms who might be worried about not only giving birth for the first time, but also having to take care of two babies at the same time.

So we have summarized what we would recommend for you to do from the time you realize that you are going to become a mother of twins – such as what you need to be careful with during pregnancy, and what you need to prepare.

Hospital selection 

As risks change depending on the amniotic membrane or placenta that wraps a baby is present or not, get “membrane diagnosis” early to understand the condition.

Types and risks of membrane diagnosis

  • 2 chorionic membrane 2 amniotic twin

A state in which the babies are wrapped in separate amniotic membranes, each with a placenta.

Because nutrition and oxygen are sent to each fetus, without affecting the other, it is the lowest risk type.

  • 1 chorionic membrane 2 amniotic twin

The babies are wrapped in separate amniotic membranes, but they share a single placenta.

Babies are wrapped in their respective amniotic membranes, so there is no effect, but nutrition and oxygen sent from the placenta are biased towards either side, which may cause a difference in growth. If it gets worse, it may cause severe after effects or death to one or both babies.

  • 1 chorion 1 amniotic twin

Two babies are in one amniotic membrane, and the placenta is also shared with one.

Because it shares one placenta, it has the same risk as one chorionic membrane 2 amniotic twin, and there are two babies in the same space, so the babies’ umbilical cords may tangle and cause death, so it is the most risky.

Twin pregnancy places a heavy burden on the mother’s body, and risks such as premature labor, pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy hypertension syndrome etc. are increased, so firm management is necessary. Around the 8th month of pregnancy, the bulge of the stomach is about the same as the birth month of most pregnant mothers, so you can be advised to give birth at an early stage by administrative hospitalization or caesarean section.

In addition, because the risks are likely to increase with twin pregnancy, we recommend that you select a medical institution that is well-equipped for birthing twins.

Costs for childbirth and child care

The cost of childbirth is about twice as much as that of single birth. However, in addition to that, it is possible that two or more childbirth allowance lump sum payments can be made, and a high-cost medical system can be used, so let’s investigate in advance and prepare. If it is a Caesarean section, insurance will be applied and we may be able to receive benefits from private medical insurance.

In terms of childcare, the consumption of necessary items such as diapers is for two people, so it is unavoidable to spend twice as much. When going to school, you will have to prepare for admission for two kids at the same time. Make a plan to reduce expenses when purchasing child care products, and discuss money plans with your partner.

Prepare before childbirth

Mothers who are pregnant with twins are likely to get stuck in the late pregnancy due to premature birth or hospitalization, so it is recommended to prepare for hospitalization and childbirth as soon as possible. At around five to six months pregnancy is appropriate to make arrangements to some extent.

It is better to prepare more than enough underwear, baby clothes, diapers and toilet wipes, but for things that can be shared, it is okay to prepare just one like a nail clipper or baby bus. You might want to consider renting some stuff only for a short period of time. You may choose to get other items ahead of time, such as a baby bed or a stroller according to your living environment, or prepare these after determining their necessity after giving birth.

When you leave the hospital, you need 2 children’s seats, as well as an afghan if you come home by car. It is hard to carry two people together with a large luggage and a body that has barely recovered from giving birth. So get in touch with your family in advance so that they can accompany you on your way home with your two babies.

Surviving Twin Parenting

From the day you leave the hospital, twin parenting will start. If the babies cry at the same time or cry alternately, Mama will not have time to rest. Nonetheless, the most important thing in providing childcare is the mother’s body. If you are not well, you may not be able to produce enough breast milk.

Get some help from people you trust so you can recover and rest your body properly after childbirth. Because child rearing for two can be exhausting, it is smart to plan for getting assistance in advance by reaching out to family members.

 If you are living with a large family, a lot of love will be poured into raising your twins, so do not hesitate to ask for help. However, do not ask for perfection in regard to housework or childcare.

Baby breastfeeding comes every few hours regardless of the time of day or night. Two people will alternately empty your supply, so you may want to supplement with powdered milk or stock breast milk so that other people can take over during feeding time.


  • Use washing machine with drying function
  • Prepare meals at once and freeze them in a batch
  • Take advantage of home delivery and mail order

It is also important to get assistance with household chores.


Twin pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing – everything requires twice the effort and may be twice as difficult, but the pleasure of the experience is more than doubled! The babies will grow, and the day will definitely come when you can take a rest from some of your parenting duties. However while pregnant, be conscious of your environment so that you can spend your pregnant days as healthy and relaxed as possible, and prepare for childbirth carefully. 

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