Pregnancy Sex Positions For You and Your Partner Will Love!


Most women probably already know that a baby bump is not a reason to stop getting intimate with your partner. Getting a regular dose of pregnancy sex is okay, even beneficial unless complications in your pregnancy require you to abstain from it.

Today, we’ll help you get the most out of your pregnant life through five sex positions that have been tried and tested and voted most fun, convenient, pleasurable, and confirmed safe. Enjoy reading!

A Doctor’s Advice and Proven Experiences by Others

In this section, we provide you with some clinical advice from a licensed and certified professional OB/GYN plus the testimonies of some people we interviewed so that you can rest assured that doing these methods with your partner is not dangerous for you and your unborn baby.

“I usually advise my (pregnant) patients to have sex according to the positions that they are most comfortable with. In my observation, most of them prefer spooning and woman-on-top. Many of them, however, find that the doggy or rear penetration, and the missionary positions leave them (or their partners) out of breath more than it gives them pleasure.”

As explained further in an interview with a mom:

We have a modified version of the doggy that allows me to avoid putting pressure on my arms. I lie down with my chest on the bed, arms out forward, and my butt raised. The lower half of my body is supported by my legs which are bent at the knees.”

R.A.C., five months pregnant

“The missionary position is especially difficult for the guy especially when the stomach gets bigger, and he is trying so hard to avoid putting pressure on it. On the other hand, the doggy (or rear-end penetration) is difficult for the woman because you’ll have to hold yourself up including all that baby weight in your tummy. There is a risk of the arms suddenly giving out, and then putting pressure on my stomach.”

M.C.R, mother of 2

“For me, this position (doggy) is good for the first and second trimester. It allows for deeper penetration and pace regulation without a lot of effort on my part.”

G.T., mother of 2

Our Top 5 Pregnancy Sex Positions

Based on the proven experiences of our interviewees, we prepared a list of our top five pregnancy sex positions below.

1. Spooning

This is done with you and your partner lying on your sides with him facing your back and penetrating your vagina from behind.

Spooning is my preferred position especially when I am tired so that my partner does most of the work.”

M.C.R., mother of two

“This is how I and my wife usually do it. She’s on her side – no leg raising, she just rests hers (legs) on the bed with her knees bent for maximum comfort and least pressure.”

M.S., husband of a pregnant woman

2. Woman-on-top

This is done with the guy lying face-up on the bed and you straddling him. This position keeps the pressure off your belly and allows you to control the pace and penetration – especially when you are sensitive and want to avoid bleeding or irritation.

“I and my partner are not very adventurous when it comes to sex positions, but I find this one to be the most comfortable and convenient up to the third trimester. There is less pressure overall, and requires equal, although very little, effort from both of us.” M.C.R., mother of two

3. Sitting Position

This is done with the guy sitting on a chair without armrests, and you straddling him.

“What is really easy, sexy, and pleasurable for me is the sitting version of the woman-on-top position because there is more skin contact and I’m face to face with my partner. The chair must be low enough so that our feet touch the floor and there is little pressure on the legs and stomach.”

R.A.C., five months pregnant

4. Edge of the Bed

This position requires you to lie face up in bed with your butt hanging over the edge and both feet flat on the floor. Your buttocks are supported by your partner who will penetrate you while he’s standing or bending over you.

“This is a good alternative for the missionary position because it removes the risk of putting pressure on the stomach which makes it a lot easier for my partner.”

R.A.C., five months pregnant

5. Standing Position

In this case, the guy and the woman are both on their feet, and the guy penetrates the woman from behind, while she supports herself with her arms against a wall.

“This is one of the most pleasurable positions, even when I’m not pregnant because it allows for deeper penetration.”

M.C.R., mother of two


So, I don’t need to worry too much about my pregnancy if we will do some of these recommended sex positions with my partner.

Yes. These are guaranteed safe and effective!


There are other sex positions that you might be willing to try during pregnancy. So don’t hesitate to communicate with your guy if the positions mentioned above hurt or feel uncomfortable. It definitely won’t do any good for your health or relationship if pregnancy sex leaves you more stressed out than satisfied!

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