Precautions for 4 month old Babies & A Mothers Body After Childbirth


In the previous article, we explained the range of the movements of your baby will expand once they can turn over and slither around. During this period, you need to pay attention a lot on your baby since they may get injured etc.

Here, we will explain precautions for 4-month-old babies and how your body changes.

Precautions for 4-month-old babies

Although parents are more than happy to see their babies grow, the more they are able to do at four months of age, the more risks arise in their daily lives. What exactly should we be aware of?

Watch out for accidental ingestion of small objects!

At four months of age, babies will reach out and grasp objects that interest them. While grasping alone is not a problem, babies at this age have a habit of bringing anything they grab into their mouths. Accidents are more likely to occur when they accidentally swallow what they put in their mouths.

If you notice that your baby is becoming more active, try to keep the floor and tables clear of small objects that could be swallowed by your baby. In particular, accidental ingestion of peanuts or button batteries can cause choking and damage to the esophagus and stomach. In case of accidental ingestion, please visit a hospital as soon as possible even if there is no change in the baby’s condition.

Even if it is a “small object,” babies’ mouths open wider than expected, and it is not uncommon for them to swallow something that you would think they would not be able to swallow. With the exception of large toys and other objects that are clearly impossible to swallow, do not place anything within the baby’s reach.

Let’s help them practice turning over!

Around 4 months of age is an important time to help your baby acquire the ability to turn over. It is important to help your baby get the hang of turning through daily play. When your baby begins to turn to the side and reach for objects of interest, place toys a short distance away from him or her.

The baby will use all the muscles in his body to turn his body sideways and reach for the toy as hard as he can to get to it. In many cases, this kind of play has led to the baby being able to roll over before you know it.

For children who have sufficient muscle strength but do not know how to turn over, we recommend that you turn them by pushing their backs when they turn their bodies sideways. By learning the sensation of turning the body, the child will naturally be able to turn over on his/her own.

A mother’s body four months after childbirth

Four months after the birth of a baby, a mother’s body has almost completely recovered from the damage done to it, and her weight and body shape have gradually returned to their pre-pregnancy state.

On the other hand, mothers are still busy feeding their babies day and night, changing diapers, carrying their babies, etc., and this is when the stress and fatigue of a fast-paced life can begin to build up. In addition, babies around 4 months of age begin to practice turning over, making it even more difficult to keep an eye on them.

Such stress and fatigue can lead to depression and lethargy, and mothers may not be able to enjoy or feel motivated to take care of their children. At this time, breastfeeding intervals will begin to open up, so give yourself a chance to relax and let your family take care of your baby. Don’t overdo it!

For some mothers, menstruation will restart soon after four months postpartum. While it is not uncommon for ovulation to not occur with a new start period, there is no chance of pregnancy if normal ovulation has resumed.

In general, in most cases, sexual intercourse can start again after the one-month checkup. However, it is a big mistake to think that “after childbirth, it is OK not to use contraception because you will not get pregnant until your menstrual period starts”.

If fertilization is established at the first ovulation, it is possible to become pregnant without resuming menstruation. Unless you are hoping to have another child right away, you should use contraception thoroughly even before your period resumes.


When your baby turned to 4 months old, they will be more active and there are risks that your baby gets injured or swallows something accidentally, therefore, you need to keep your eyes on them every minute. You may be tired physically and mentally by this period, so take time for yourself while asking your family to take care of your baby.

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