Postpartum Fat Can Be Prevented with An Easy Diet Trick


Many mothers get fat after giving birth and find it difficult to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. Postpartum weight gain may be formidable but your efforts to get back in shape will surely succeed if you understand what how to handle it.

If you are pregnant now and feel uneasy about postpartum weight, or if you have already given birth and want to know how to lose postpartum belly fat, check out our tips in managing postpartum weight. Limiting the diet is not good, as nutritional status affects the fetus when breastfeeding. However, for most mothers, there is not much time for exercising after giving birth because of child care.

That’s why it is the diet that becomes the point of the postnatal weight loss. In this article, we will introduce the diet which can eliminate weight after birth.

Why do you gain weight after birth?

Pelvic Opening and Pregnancy Period. There are various causes of postpartum fatness, but there are two typical ones.

The pelvis is opened by pregnancy

Although the pelvis opens naturally to give birth to a baby, it does not mean that it will return right back into its original state after giving birth. Also, if the pelvis is open, it is easy to get fat.

Lifestyle during pregnancy

The possibility of gaining weight may increase because habits may develop or change, which cause weight gain. As mothers, priorities change and many tend not to pay attention to self-care.

This is what most of mothers don’t notice. So, if you think that your diet habit change, review it before and after giving birth.

It is easy to lose weight in the second half of the year

Postnatal women’s bodies are strongly affected by their ability to recover. Therefore, it is said that the second half of the year after childbirth is a period when weight loss is likely. So it is advisable to take advantage of this period.

However, rapid diet is not good. It is easy to return weight especially after half a year, and of course results will appear after that. Let’s go through the process carefully and patiently.

Why did I not lose weight although some managed to do it?

It is surprising how some people, like celebrities, manage to return to their original body in no time after giving birth. However, some may not find it so easy due to these common setbacks:

  • The speed at which the body returns to its normal size may vary between women
  • Childcare takes time and there is no time to move my body
  • The eating habits are disturbed because of stress after childbirth
  • Mindless snacking

There are innumerable differences between other people and yourself. Please do not overexert or stress about the speed of your progress unnecessarily.

Let’s manage weight gain after birth

Then, what should you do to lose weight? Let’s check it out in detail.

Start time of diet

Let’s start 1 month after birth as a guide. Immediately after giving birth, the body is recovering. So resting your body is a priority.

If you want to start immediately after giving birth, it is better to keep in mind that you should not overdo it and start birth exercises. Postpartum gymnastics is an exercise that emphasizes the recovery of the body after childbirth, and is a simple, low-impact exercise. For simple postpartum exercises, click here.

Mind your calorie intake

The basis of the diet is calorie control, but unreasonable calorie restriction is not good in postpartum diet.

Calories consumed per day must be 1,800 to 2,200 kcal for adult women. If the calorie intake is within this range, you will not get fat.

However, there are special requirements when breastfeeding. In addition to the normal calorie consumption, it is recommended to consume 600kcal more. In other words, if you are breastfeeding, you should take in about 2400-2800 calories per day.

A diet that greatly exceeds the calories consumed leads to fattening after birth, and a diet that falls significantly below may cause health problems and changes in physical condition. It is recommended that you adjust the calorie intake within this range.

Chew well

Although postpartum weight management is all about your meals, the basics of success is to chew food carefully.

There are many moms who are stressed by lack of sleep because they are busy with breastfeeding and changing diapers. When it comes to your own diet, you should avoid eating while standing in the kitchen and finish off with some good things in the refrigerator or snacks. This leads to overeating because eating in a hurry reduces the satisfaction that you get from your meals so you tend to compensate with more food.

If you take time to chew food and enjoy your meal, you can control your appetite naturally.


You will tend to work too hard to lose weight after delivery, but be sure to have a healthy diet for your baby and breast milk. What is important is to maintain your efforts in weight management and not treat it as a temporary solution to postpartum weight loss.

Improve your diet little by little and be a healthy, sexy mama!

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