Planning to Have a baby? How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy


“I want to be a mother someday”. This may be what a lot of women hope to become. However, pregnancy is not something that can be made to happen just because you want it – and you may be in trouble with the lack of preparation after becoming pregnant!

This article summarizes 5 things that you need to do first if you are planning to get pregnant.

Check your body thoroughly

Many women think that they only have to check with their gynecologists when they are planning for pregnancy. But if there are other parts of your body that you are worried about, be sure to take a diagnosis. Especially in the case of dentistry such as wisdom teeth and decayed teeth, if you encounter a toothache during pregnancy or need to have a tooth pulled out, you cannot have anesthesia and only have to endure the bad tooth until after birth.

In addition to that, vaccination against rubella is often overlooked. If you get rubella during pregnancy, there is a high possibility of miscarriage, still birth, and birth defects. Have your partner receive his own rubella vaccination as well.

Eat something healthy for yourself and your future baby

A lot of women start to be conscious about the food they eat as soon as they have made up their mind to become mothers. However it is said that a person’s body is made of what she ate six months ago. If you change your diet only at the onset of pregnancy, your body will not quickly develop into a healthy one that is fit for pregnancy.

If you wish for a healthy baby, develop good eating habits long before you plan to become pregnant. Strive to take time to prepare healthy meals and avoid eating at convenience stores or instant food.

Lastly, if you quit your intake of tobacco and alcohol only because you got pregnant, it may be too late. For your sake and your baby’s future, quit early.

Take Folic Acid

Many women start taking folic acid only after discovering that they are pregnant, often when they are a month or two into early pregnancy. However it is better to take it even before you become pregnant, as it is necessary for the baby’s early development. 

Folic acid dosage also increases during pregnancy so make sure to take the correct amount.

 Avoid stress

Stress from the pressure of wanting or having to have a child may prevent you from getting pregnant because of the effects of stress on the mind and body. Prepare for pregnancy calmly and let nature do its course at the appropriate time.

Yoga for pregnancy/prenatal yoga

Many women practice maternity yoga after pregnancy to lose the baby weight, but if your body can handle it, it is also recommended to start before pregnancy. Yoga also prepares your body to handle disorder of the autonomic nervous system by eliminating stress.

Yoga has many merits in pregnancy. It trains you to control respiration which is necessary even after childbirth. Breathing and learning to control it becomes a trigger for consciousness of your own body and helps to manage stress.


You can face pregnancy in perfect condition when you prepare for it. If you are thinking of getting pregnant, make sure to carry out the five major aspects mentioned in this article.

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