Tampons in the Philippines: Should You Consider Switching?

Ladies, there are possibilities that you can open when you switch to tampons. It could help you out during the hectic days of your period.

The Possibility of A Normal Painless Delivery May Be Easy

Could you imagine how anxious everyone will be when a mother asks for a normal painless delivery during labor pregnancy?
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The Road to Marital Happiness: What A Husband Should Do – Part 2

We would like you to be a dependable husband who supports his wife for a happy maternity life! Be the best husband, be the best dad!
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The Road to Marital Happiness: What A Husband Should Do – Part 1

Pregnancy changes a woman's hormonal balance. Of course, it is the wife who has to fight the hardest, but it is also hard for the husband to support her.
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What is An Ideal Contraceptive?

Contraception refers to techniques for avoiding pregnancy. Although birth control has been used since antiquity, reliabl...
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Prices of Folic Acid in the Philippines

If you're aiming for a chance at pregnancy and improving fertility, folic acid will be your best friend. Find out the price of folic acid in the Philippines.
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Ferrous Sulfate Acid and Vitamin B Complex

Pregnant or not pregnant, here's a combo you should try. Nothing beats the teamwork of Ferrous Sulfate Acid and Vitamin B Complex.
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Best Vitamins for Baby to Gain Weight

Everyone wants a healthy baby and one way to achieve such is to take the best vitamins for the baby to gain weight. We have a list for that.
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Anatomical Term For Womb

Out of all the things people call it, you will truly wonder what's the anatomical term for the womb that doctors and students in science use.
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Being Pregnant! Folic Acid Supplements are a Must-Take! Why is it So Popular?

If you are pregnant, you will hear the word "folic acid" a lot. You may wonder what it is or what kind of nutrients are ...
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