Ovarian and Eggs Aging


Do you know that aging also progresses in the ovaries of women? Today, it is said to be a big cause of infertility.

Ovarian Age and Aging Eggs

In the case of eggs, unlike male spermatozoa, the number that can ovulate for a lifetime is decided. It is the “ovary age” that shows how much remaining “ova count” that can ovulate. (The function of the ovary itself does not decrease due to aging)

On the other hand, “egg aging” refers to “egg quality”. Recent studies have shown that the eggs get older as our bodies age and the eggs themselves lose physical strength. Then, they do not develop into what they should be, or have an abnormality in the chromosome.

Is there a risk of infertility with the aging of eggs? 

When the egg ages, the risk of infertility first rises. As aging progresses, eggs become disturbed, they do not mature into a normal shape, and it seems that fertilization becomes difficult. 

Also, even if you can fertilize in any way, there is a possibility of miscarriage. Furthermore, it affects the fetus’s chromosome, and the probability of congenital abnormality also increases.

What causes the ovum to age?

The aging of eggs is mainly caused by:

  •  Disturbed lifestyle habits
  •  Lack of exercise
  • Excessive diet
  • Smoking

These factors seem to have a big influence on the aging of eggs. One of the main reasons is that due to the disturbed eating habits and irregular lifestyles, an environment is created in which lipids and carbohydrates become excessive and where active oxygen promotes aging. In addition to that, shortage of nutrition due to extreme dieting is also a factor that lowers the quality of the ovary.

Individual lifestyle habits have influence on fertility, and your chances of getting pregnant may not be necessarily proportional to the actual age.

Three Ways to Prevent “Aging” Eggs

What are the methods to prevent egg aging? We have summarized these tips to keep the eggs healthy! Take note of the important points below!

Improve coldness

If the body is cold, blood circulation will be bad, so it will influence the hormonal balance and dull the function of the female reproductive organ. Also, if the blood flow in the surrounding ovaries is insufficient, the follicles do not grow properly, and ovulation stops in some cases. Warm your body to improve metabolic function to prevent egg aging.

Move the pelvis by stretching and walking 

Among contemporary women, there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time at the computer or in the office, and even if you occasionally exercise, like walking from work and home, you can often feel that you are unable to move easily. 

Because the ovaries and uterus are wrapped in the pelvis, exercises such as stretching and walking are very effective to maintain the function of this part of your body. It is important to prompt opening and closing of the pelvis and activate it regularly through stretching.

Increase antioxidant power 

Active oxygen causes the aging of eggs. Create a stress-free environment as often as possible for yourself while refraining from smoking and alcohol. Also, actively take vitamin E · vitamin A · polyphenol · carotene.

Some foods with high antioxidant properties are – green-yellow vegetables and pale vegetables, olive oil, soybeans, red wine, cocoa, green tea, sesame.


Most women start to think about getting pregnant as soon as they are engaged or married. However, it is not unlikely for some that the ova will age and they may not notice until it is too late. If you are planning to have a healthy baby, it is important to care about your eggs at the earliest possible age. It does not always follow that pregnancy cannot happen even when the egg aging progresses. Excessive anxiety will affect hormonal balance, so do not try to handle it all by yourself, and consult your partner or gynecologist.

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