How to Make your Child Smart

Breast feeding

Suppose you want your kids to grow up and become another Einstein, Beethoven, or Bill Gates, investing in giving them the best nutrition while still, infants are your best bet. It’s crucial that your babies get the adequate amount of food they need while even in your bellies, and during their formative years, a human’s brain is still under development during this period. Infants who are malnourished or do not have a balanced diet are more prone to mental disabilities and illnesses such as speech impairment, low IQ, and slow motor responses.

Doctors cannot stress enough the importance of providing the best food for your kids, and you should never take that for granted. So here are a few ways to help boost your babies’ brain development as they grow up and how they can make the right nutritional choices in the long run.

Don’t Skip Breastfeeding

I know some moms are eager to work again, especially if the family is financially tight, which is why some would often opt to skip breastfeeding earlier than planned and switch to formula immediately so that they can start earning again. 

However, it’s crucial to breastfeeding your babies for at least the first two years as it provides necessary nutrients that no commercial milk can ever give.

Add in Vitamin Supplements

Although our daily meals can already provide the right amount of vitamins and minerals for our bodies, adding in supplements is even better. Provide your kiddies supplemental vitamins prescribed by their doctors to help provide an additional nutrient boost that some of their food may lack. And make it a routine that they would look forward to by getting flavors that they love best.

Make a Meal Plan

If you want your babies to grow smart, then as a mom, you should be an intelligent meal planner. Find out the right kinds and amount of food that is perfect for their age. You can also consult a dietician to help you create your custom meal plan for your babies. Just make sure to take into account their nutritional needs, especially if they have specific health needs.

  Get Creative with Veggies

If there’s one thing that kids hate the most, it would probably be eating vegetables. And although this may seem like an impossible task, it’s your job as moms to give it all you got so that you can convince them to take a bite. You can then always get creative when preparing, cooking, and presenting vegetables to your children. Slice them up into fun shapes or add some with their favorite meat food; there’s just so many possibilities that you can try out. The only secret is to introduce it to them slowly and one at a time.

 Enjoy Eating Together

Be the best teacher that you can be to your kids when it comes to eating. Young children often tend to copy what their parents are doing, which also applies to what you’re eating. Show them how enjoyable eating various foods can be, and always do it together. Make your mealtime a bonding time that they will always look forward to, especially if you’re introducing vegetables and fruits.

Get them Moving

More than just providing the right kind of diet, kids should also learn to exercise and move their muscles. Don’t let them grow up merely staring into the TV or playing video games all day long. Sometimes, encouraging them to go out and run around even though it means you are keeping an eye on them all the time is also part of a healthy daily routine. After all, exercise also contributes to sound brain development.

“Start them young!” That’s what people always say, and there is so much wisdom riding in those three simple words. Invest in a proper nutritional diet while they are just developing in your wombs, and teach them how to make the right kind of food choices while they are young. All of these seemingly small strokes will eventually give your children a bright future.


Most kids nowadays get only used in the clamor of products we see in various marketing advertisements surrounding us, inherited processed-food habits, and many more. Thus, give your child the best start possible and for establishing a foundation for enjoying a lifetime of healthy habits.

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