How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks

The previous article showed the mechanism of pregnancy stretch marks. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out to know how pregnancy stretch marks develop. All pregnant women do not seem to want to have pregnancy stretch marks, right?

So, in this article, we will introduce how to prevent getting pregnancy stretch marks.

Are you worried to have pregnancy stretch marks?

It’s very common to worry that you may get pregnancy stretch marks when you are pregnant. And you will google “how to prevent it” to find some measures. If you don’t want get any, you need to follow some instructions not to get stretch marks.

What would happen if you get pregnancy stretch marks?

Even if you get pregnancy stretch marks, it doesn’t mean that you get sick or something. However, it doesn’t look good on you and you may not want to wear bikini or some clothes like that. Also, you may hesitate to show them to your partner.

If you don’t want to get pregnancy stretch marks, follow the next tips.

How to prevent pregnancy stretch marks?

Then, what should you do to prevent pregnancy stretch marks?

Gain weight slowly

Recently, weight management is being instructed more than ever before at gynecology. If you gain weight too much, risk of pregnancy hypertension syndrome and gestational diabetes will increase.

Gaining weight suddenly will also increase the risk of having pregnancy stretch marks. So control your weight. If you gain more than 12 kg, you may develop pregnancy stretch marks easily, so be careful!

Do some exercise to avoid putting on fat

When you gain weight during pregnancy, you put more subcutaneous fat than muscle. And subcutaneous fat is not easy to stretch. Therefore, you may develop pregnancy stretch marks easily.

Make less fat through exercise. You can control your weight as well. There are various exercises that can be done during pregnancy, but walking is the best for safe delivery. Walking causes less burden on the body and you can do it every day.

Moisturizing is very important!

For prevention of pregnancy stretch marks, it is important to moisturize the skin and keep it soft. Apply cream, oil, etc. to prevent dryness. And soften the skin well by massaging.

It is recommended to use cream and oil specially for pregnancy stretch marks. It has a higher moisturizing power than normal cream and oil. Apply not only on the belly but also the thighs, armpits, breasts, arms.

Start moisturizing care from the early stage of pregnancy

There are many questions that women have such as “When should I start to moisturize my skin in order to prevent pregnancy stretch marks?”. The answer for this is – it’s better to apply stretch mark cream or oil from the early stage of pregnancy.

Skin that doesn’t develop pregnancy stretch marks easily has a lot of moisture and softness. Therefore, the earlier the better. If the condition of skin is good and even if you gain weight a lot, you won’t develop pregnancy stretch marks easily.

Moisturize everyday!

It’s very important to apply cream or oil every day to prevent having pregnancy stretch marks. Also, use cream or oil for massage. You may have some concerns about the price to buy some special cream for this purpose since you need it every day. So prepare ahead of time to buy the best you can afford.

Take a bath to keep your body warm

If you have a bathtub at your house, take a bath, not just a shower. It improves blood circulation and keeps your body warm. After blood circulation improves with moisture on your skin, use cream or oil . It’s more effective.

Continue moisturizing even after you get pregnancy stretch marks

Even if you apply cream or oil, you might still develop some pregnancy stretch marks. However, it’s better to keep moisturizing even after you have pregnancy stretch mark, to prevent it from worsening and to help your skin to heal.


・Control your weight and gain weight gradually
・Use cream or oil for pregnancy stretch mark care

Some people may wonder “Which one is better, cream or oil?”
The answer is… oil>cream>lotion

Find good and reasonable creams and oils to prevent stretch marks. Eat well, exercise well, and moisturize well.

Oil may be more effective in preventing stretch but we have some creams in the market that have been developed to be as effective as oil.

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