No Labor Pains? 5 Ways to Promote Labor Naturally

Labor pain

There are pregnant women who wait for the day to meet their baby and give birth on time. On the other hand, some show no signs of labor even if they have exceeded the scheduled date.

It’s better to wait patiently for labor in accordance with the baby’s mood, but considering the size of the baby and week, you cannot take it too slowly. However, as much as possible, everyone wants to deliver without using agents to trigger labor.

In this article, we will introduce 5 ways to promote labor pain naturally.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea is an herb tea. And it has been said that herb teas are essential for safe delivery.

The effects are as follows:

  • Uterine mouth softens and becomes easy to open when giving birth
  • It is possible to reduce the amount of bleeding at birth
  • Easy return of the uterus after childbirth

It is also said that raspberry leaf tea has the effect of promoting uterine contraction, thus promoting labor. If you drink too much too early, it may cause premature birth, so it is better to use it after 37 weeks.

Relax with the scent of clary sage

Clary sage is also a kind of herb. This urges the contraction of the uterus, but this is not a drink. It exerts its effect by smelling.

You can buy one at an aroma shop. Pour hot water in a cup, and add 2-3 drops of clarice sage and smell. That’s it!

You can use 8-10 drops of it in a bathtub which will render the same effect. If you don’t feel labor pain, try relaxing yourself first. However, please avoid bathing after rupture!

Apply pressure on “Three Ancestry” Area

It is said that acupressure and moxibustion are also effective for easy delivery and promotion of labor.

Particularly, stimulating the area called ‘Three Ancestry’ makes it easier for labor to occur. The spot is in a slightly recessed place above the four fingers from where the ankle bone on the inner side of the feet juts out.

 Because it is said that the ‘Three Ancestry’ point is very effective, it is recommended to begin applying pressure on it only after 37 weeks into pregnancy. Stimulating the ‘Three Ancestry’ spot not only promotes labor but also relieves the pain of labor.

Easy exercise to open the pelvis

Here are the exercises that lead to labor promotion This is because these exercises relax the muscles around the pelvis and smoothes the pelvic opening/closing. When the pelvis opens, the baby can easily get down into position and get delivered safely.

  • Go up and down stairs(Especially go down is good)
  • Floor wiping
  • Walking

However, don’t do hard exercise. Be sure to stop exercising and rest yourself slowly as you feel tightness on your belly.

Internal examination “Pushing”

If you are a pregnant woman, you may already have heard it about it.

If there is no indication that the baby will be born soon even if the scheduled date is close, the obstetrician can stimulate the uterus. It’s called “pushing”.

The official term is “manual ablation of the membranes”, and the doctor peels the egg membrane wrapping the baby a from the uterine wall. “Pushing” is accompanied by bleeding, and the process hurts.

Although “Pushing” hurts, you can’t compare the pain to labor for childbirth, so if you want to deliver your baby ask your doctor.


The ideal birth is to wait for the baby to be ready to come out naturally, but try the five methods aforementioned in this article if you want to deliver early or on time.

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