Does Morning Sickness Come and Go? What is the Cause and Treatment?

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Many pregnant women have experienced morning sickness during the early pregnancy stage. However, some pregnant women have morning sickness again even after if it’s supposed to be gone. So why does morning sickness recur?

This article will introduce the factors that make morning sickness come back and how to cope with it.

 What is the Return of Morning Sickness?

Did you know that morning sickness can happen again during your pregnancy? Usually, morning sickness is gone between 12 weeks to 16 weeks of pregnancy. However, some pregnant women  experience morning sickness even after 16 weeks.

And when it recurs , the symptoms are similar to the first morning sickness such as nausea, stomachache, heartburn and so on. It seems that there are some  who feel symptoms such as sleepiness and headache, which are often seen during the first morning sickness in the early pregnancy. However, some of them may experience other symptoms that they didn’t feel  when they first had morning sickness.

 What Does Morning Sickness Happen Again?

It seems that the morning sickness disappears at around 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. And 5 months of pregnancy is a stable period. But this is the time when morning sickness often recurs. You may wonder how it lasts again… and it varies depending on individuals. Some pregnant women claim that they’ve had morning sickness right before giving birth.

Unfortunately, we never know who and when will have morning sickness. There’s no right reports yet.

 What is the Cause of the Return of Morning Sickness?

It is quite difficult to get over morning sickness. And some pregnant women may be anxious that there might be something wrong with their babies when they have morning sickness again just right after they’ve gotten  over it. However, even if you have morning sickness again, it is not because there is something wrong with your baby.

This is because the uterus of the pregnant woman becomes large as the baby gets larger and the uterus that is larger squeezes the stomach and digestive tract. Therefore, it is not necessary to be anxious that something happened to your baby just because you have morning sickness again.

 How to Cope with the Return of Morning Sickness?

Then, what should you do when you have morning sickness again? Here are some tips to release it.

Change meals/how to eat

If you have nausea, heartburn, or stomachache because of recurring morning sickness, it’s better to eat foods a little at a time and have meals separately. Also, it is said that fresh fruits or light-tasting  foods may release morning sickness.

Take Chinese herb medicine

If you have a bad case of  recurring morning sickness and you don’t want to take medicine because of your baby, then consider taking Chinese herb medicine. You don’t need to worry about the influence on your baby by taking Chinese herb medicine. However, if you are still concerned, ask a pharmacist when you buy them.

Some pregnant women prefer to take Chinese herb medicine.

Talk to your doctor about the return of morning sickness

If you have nausea, heartburn,or bad stomach ache because of recurring  morning sickness and you can’t eat anything at all, you may get anxious about your baby’s health. it is better to see your doctor as soon as possible. It is also important for your baby to be well nourished and strong.


It is proof that the baby is fine when you have morning sickness again.

Many pregnant women who suffer from nausea, heartburn, stomachache, etc. in the early pregnancy don’t usually expect that they would have it again during the  stable period. However, the return of morning sickness is usually  an indication that the baby is doing well. Don’t worry or become too anxious. And, enjoy the rest of your pregnant life with your baby.

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