Missed Period But The Pregnancy Test is Negative: Are There Other Reasons Aside From Pregnancy?

Pregnant Woman

If your menstruation is behind schedule and the result of the pregnancy test kit is negative, there may be other causes that are making it difficult for your body to get pregnant. If you leave it as it is thinking, “Well, it’s always like this”, you’ll never know why you are not getting pregnant. So if you have irregular menstruation, it may be time to see an expert.

You May Wonder if you Get Pregnant or Not

If the menstruation is behind schedule, you may wonder or be worried if you get pregnant. However, if you don’t see any signs of pregnancy, you may be more worried that what is happening to your body.

It’s better to know and mark the scheduled menstruation. Then, you will know if the menstruation is behind schedule or not.

Possibilities Other than Pregnancy

Then, what kind of things are happening to you. Let’s check some possibilities other than pregnancy.

Disorder of hormone balance

Female hormones are closely related to stress, and even temporary stress can lead to irregular menstruation. It seems that many women get stressed without noticing it when a new lifestyle starts, like when you’ve just moved to a new place. It’s recommended to talk with your doctor or pharmacist about the medicine/s that you are currently taking, as the side effects of some medication can disrupt the female hormone balance.

Gynecological diseases

It is said that you don’t see symptoms when you have problems with the uterus and ovaries. However, menstruation may get delayed or not come at all as a sign of disease/s. In the case of gynecological diseases, it may be difficult for your body to get pregnant. Therefore, you must visit gynecology immediately. Specific examples include amenorrhea, polycystic ovary syndrome, and early menopause.

How to Treat Irregular Menstruation

When your menstruation comes regularly, you could get pregnant easily. It’s important to take treatment at the hospital, but you can try some treatment by yourself first!

Relieve stress

The biggest cause of irregular menstruation is a balance disorder caused by stress. First, find a stress relief method that you like. It’s also good to make time to do what you like once a week. Also, make sure you have a good time so that you can refresh and maintain a stable mind.

Do some exercise

Moderate exercise is effective in improving irregular menstruation. Aerobic exercise such as walking, stretching, and yoga in particular relaxes muscles and improves blood flow. This softens the uterus making it possible to improve the body to make it easier to get pregnant.

Adjust hormone balance by diet

You can also adjust your hormone balance by changing your diet. If your diet is a meat-centric meal, try eating more fish and vegetables. If your diet is always western style, change it up to Asian style meals. Soy products, vitamin B6, and vitamin E work to promote the secretion of female hormones. Therefore, try to take some as a part of your daily diet and make it easier to get pregnant.

Keep your body warm

Coldness and hypothermia can make blood circulation worse. Poor blood circulation makes it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach the uterus, reduces uterine and ovarian functions, and makes it difficult to secrete hormones normally. If your body is always cold, it will be difficult to get pregnant. Therefore, be sure to keep your body warm.

Take good quality sleep

Do you know that an irregular life not only causes physical stress but also affects the uterus? By taking a good quality sleep, you can rest your uterus well. Therefore, you can expect to improve irregular menstruation and make your body easier to get pregnant.


You can get pregnant even when menstruation is irregular. However, judge carefully. It’s possible to get pregnant as long as your body has ovulation even in irregular periods. However, it’s difficult to predict the timing of ovulation, especially when the menstruation cycle is irregular, and ovulation may not occur.

Try to improve irregular menstruation by yourself first. And if it doesn’t improve after a while, visit your gynecologist as soon as possible.

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