Mastering the Art of Diaper Changing: Part 1


Diapering is one of the common things that every single mothers in the world always does and it is included in the basic baby care routine. Still, many first time mothers are frustrated and confused about what kinds of diapers they need to use especially the high quality ones for the safety and convenience of their babies.

Today, we will discuss in this two-part article series about mastering the skills and techniques of diaper changing and we will provide you several ways and methods on how to clean up your baby every night comfortably.

History of Diaper Changing

Back in the old days, diapers were made from soft cotton sacks which came from flour as they were used and converted into a wide selection of household items. After them, flat diapers dominated the era of baby-boomers which are made from soft, thin, quick-drying and loosely-woven fabric called gauze.

Then, here comes the prefold diapers which are thought to become more absorbent, thicker, and easier work to get on the baby. These diapers can be categorized in two weights: the standard gauze or birdseye weight. There are also diapers which appear to be prefold but they are only composed of two layers: one piece of flannel and one piece of terrycloth. This combination takes less time to dry than regular prefolds yet they are able to absorb as much moisture like other heavy-weight diapers.

Moreover, there are contour and fitted diapers which are designed to fit snugly inside the cover without the need to fold in the excess fabric. The contour type is kind of similar to a light bulb-shaped thing while the fitted one has elastic at the legs and a Velcro or s snap closure which makes them very secure on the body of the baby. These types of diapers come from various shapes and styles such as flannel, knit terry and many more.

The Modern Era of Diaper Changing

People most likely choose clothes made with natural fibers because these are the most comfortable which make you feel so good. They are breathable and also look nice. But in diapers, it can be challenging to rinse and wash them after being used. 

On the other hand, the plastic types or disposable ones are great to use for travels but the texture can be irritating to the skin as it rubs into your skin. Today, we have the all-in-one type of diaper which is constructed from a soft, inner layer, several absorbent middle layers, elasticized legs and a waterproof outer layer and it is disposable. 

But there is a latest growing trend in the world of diapers. Well, there is what they call green cotton variety which refers to the process of manufacturing which eradicates harmful and unnecessary materials such as bleaches, dyes, formaldehyde, and other pollutants. This incredibly soft textile that appears to be off-white, cream-colored is made into any type or style of diaper.

This kind of diaper is derived from organic green cotton which is the best and purest form of textile that is great and much suitable for babies. Not only that it is 100% organic and safe for your baby’s skin, you don’t have to worry about making the diaper pure white when you clean it because of the fecal stains as they tend to be brownish and they just kind of mix with the oatmeal-beige color of the organic diaper. 


We are now informed about the background or history of diaper changing and how it underwent several transformations to solve several problems when cleaning up the baby. In the next article, we will learn more about several ways and methods to become skillful in diaper changing so stay tuned!

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