Low-cost and Easy To Make: Handmade Maternity Gift Ideas!


Have you ever wondered what to give for a birth celebration?

In this article, we have four ideas for a “flower-based maternity gift” which can be easily made by hand.

Green bouquet of flowers to feel calm

Because there are women who have sensitive taste and scent before and after childbirth, we do not use flowers with strong smells and instead finish with a simple green base. If you make the bouquet a little smaller, it is easy to put together and convenient to place in a vessel.


· Flower material (select green variety of flowers and leaves that are easy to bundle)
· Vinyl, aluminum foil, rubber band
· Wrapping supplies (ribbon, soft wrapping paper, cellophane, etc.)
· Message card

How to make

1. Decide which flowers and leaves to place in the center of the bundle. Hold them together, and arrange other flower materials around the center and bundle them. Overlap the root part of the stem so that it is covered neatly.
2. When decorating with a fruit such as a green apple, use a bamboo skewer to place it into position
3. Secure the stems with a rubber band and cut the tips to the same length
4. Soak cotton with water, wrap around the cut part of the stem, cover with transparent vinyl and wrap with aluminum foil
5. Use your favorite wrapping. If you want to make it look natural, a combination of newspaper or brown paper and hemp string is also recommended

Include a message to mom and baby, such as “Congratulations on your new arrival”

Points to consider

Choose different shades of green, and incorporate fun and interesting shapes into your bouquet arrangement

Basket Arrangement with flowers

If you add some decorative flowers to a portion of healthy food or drink items such as non-caffeinated tea, it makes a cute original gift.


· basket
· Present (e.g. herb tea, fruit preserve)
· Flower material (3 to 4 different kinds of flowers and leaves)
· oasis (check what it is by clicking here)
· cellophane, tape
· Ribbon

How to make

1. Prepare a basket. Cuts the oasis about 1/3 the size of the basket to contain water. Secure with tape.
2. Cut the flower material short and insert it in the oasis. Make sure the oasis is not visible from the outside
3. Put the gifts in the space around the oasis. If you are worried about getting them wet, place clear cellophane between the present/s and the flowers

Points to consider

When using ribbons, choose the same color as the flower so that the arrangement will come together and finish stylishly.

Box flowers

It’s a simple arrangement in a box using low-cost materials, and very easy to make.


· Box (15 × 15 cm is best)
· Flower materials (flowers and leaves as much as a box fills)
· oasis
· Cellophane, tape
· Other decorative material of your choice

How to make

1. Cut the oasis. Adjusted to the size of the box, and set the height to about 1/3 of the box
2. Put cellophane in the box with the oasis containing water
3. Cut the stems of the flowers according to the height of the oasis. When cutting, place them in water inside a bowl and cut them while draining it of water. To keep moisture, cut the stems obliquely
4. Arrange/insert the flowers in the oasis. Make sure that the oasis is well covered with flowers.

Points to consider

Cover the box with the lid. Adjusting the flower height so that they don’t get crushed by the lid. Aside from flowers, message cards make the arrangement interesting.

Memory Bottle or Memory Time Capsule

A memory bottle is a bottle that contains items that represent memories. Gather some items together and wrap them neatly and nicely.


· Bottle with lid (transparent)
· Dry flowers, message cards, and other stuff
· Wrapping goods (ribbons, cards, stickers, etc.)

How to make

1. Stuff the bottle with dry flowers and message cards. Leave space to add things later
2. Adjust and arrange the items into position with tweezers so that it looks clean from the side and cover the bottle.

Points to consider

You may place the umbilical cord and the name band that you got at the maternity hospital, and decorate it to complete the memorable gift.


If you give such a heartfelt gift, there is no doubt that the receiver will be pleased. Please try our simple suggestions for maternity gifts to celebrate birthing occasions with your friends and family.

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