“Is this normal?” – Concerns and Early Pregnancy Symptoms


There are lots of things that we do not know about the first pregnancy. As the hormonal balance changes significantly in the early stages of pregnancy, various changes appear in the physical condition, so there are many cases that you may get worried and wonder if what you are feeling or experiencing is normal or not.

In this article, we will discuss some symptoms of early pregnancy, as well as the illnesses that you need to be aware of during this crucial time. 

Symptoms of concern at the beginning of pregnancy

In this section, make yourself familiar about several symptoms of early pregnancy. Please read the following details consciously!


There are symptoms similar to colds before menstruation, and some people do not notice the difference when they are in poor physical condition in the early pregnancy stage. If you feel these symptoms, check with a pregnancy test kit to find out if the symptoms are pregnancy related or not.

I am sleepy/sluggish

Drowsiness is caused by an increase in the hormone called progesterone. Please do not push yourself, and rest your body when you can.

Dry throat

Because of having to keep the amniotic fluid clean, and make blood for the baby, a pregnant body needs a lot of water. Even if your throat is not thirsty, hydrate as often as you can.

My chest hurts

Not only do the breasts enlarge during pregnancy, but also nipples touching the underwear can cause them to itch. Let’s get rid of stress early and wear a wireless maternity bra instead.

Frequent use of the toilet

There is pressure on the bladder due to the large uterus. As it is normal, go to the toilet and don’t hold it in.

There is a small amount of bleeding

In early pregnancy, bleeding may occur for various reasons. Do not worry and take a rest for two or three days. However, even a small amount of blood from 12 weeks onwards may indicate abortion or urgent premature birth. See your doctor immediately if you see a large amount of blood discharge.

Constipation and diarrhea

Eat foods containing dietary fiber like seaweed, fermented foods containing lactic acid bacteria. Maintain a proper exercise routine. It is also recommended to try ingesting “oligosaccharides” that have no effect on babies.

Be careful when you are in a crowd! Pay attention to these illnesses during pregnancy

When immunity is low, particular attention is required during pregnancy.

One is more susceptible to disease when immunity falls. Among infectious diseases, diseases during (early) pregnancy that influence babies worry us the most. When going out, it is important to put a mask on and do not forget wash your hands and gargle after going home.


If you develop a cold or flu during pregnancy, and high fever and cough become severe, there is a possibility of miscarriage or premature birth if pneumonia develops. Influenza vaccine can be ingested even during pregnancy, so let’s get ourselves vaccinated to avoid its symptoms.


Infection of congenital rubella syndrome within less than 20 weeks gestation may affect the baby, and cause heart disease, cataracts, hearing loss, etc. Although you can check for the presence or absence of antibodies in pregnancy health examinations, people with no antibody need special attention and to avoid crowds.

Infectious erythema (apple disease)

If a pregnant woman gets infected within 20 weeks of gestation, there is a risk of death in the uterus in severe cases. Because it is easy for children to get infected, let’s take preventive measures together with our families.

Varicella (chickenpox)

It is easy to acquire during pregnancy, and it may develop into pneumonia. Unborn babies may also develop infections and develop abnormal brains and eyes. If infected, please avoid contacting for about 10 days after the onset of chickenpox.

Measles (measles)

Measles is said to cause a high possibility of miscarriage and premature birth. Because of uterine contraction during infection, about 30% of pregnant women who get measles may have a miscarriage. Because it is very infectious, take care not to get close to the infected person for 5 days after onset.

Types of morning sickness and remedies

Below is some information about the different types of simple and easy remedies that you can do while you are experiencing morning sickness in your pregnancy. Read them carefully!


A typical fix is to exhale. Salt content tends to be insufficient, so supplementing salt and moisture through vegetable and miso soup is advised. Since ginger has an effect of softening nausea, how about drinking it with tea or hot water with honey.

Diet and eating

Some women always feel sick if they do not have something to eat and it becomes difficult for them to control their weight. Please be careful to eat only healthy things little by little while paying attention to your calorie intake. If it is summer, it is recommended to eat frozen fruit in small servings.


It may be the hardest thing for those pregnant women who need work. It is advisable to take short naps. Be careful when driving a car.

When morning sickness becomes severe, it becomes “pregnancy hyperemesis (obstinate)” as well. If nausea is bad and you cannot drink water, it is important to see a doctor before dehydration symptoms appear.

When morning sickness becomes severe, it becomes “pregnancy hyperemesis (obstinate)” as well. If nausea is bad and you cannot drink water, it is important to see a doctor before dehydration symptoms appear.

Morning sickness is very painful, but in the early days when the stomach has not expanded yet, it is also the only indication that the baby feels good. Know that it will definitely come to an end, and surround yourself with supportive people to get through.

Pay attention to these foods

Aside from drinking and smoking, there are also foods you want to avoid eating too much. Although it is said that Japanese food is good for pregnant women, it may be difficult to prepare meals every day as there are days when the physical condition is not good especially at the beginning of pregnancy. However, always take your meals with conscious knowledge of the various food ingredients that you can/cannot eat.

Caffeine such as coffee · tea · green tea · oolong tea · roasted tea · jasmine tea

Caffeine has a function to discharge iron out of the body, so people with anemia must be particularly cautious. Avoid taking too much coffee and keep it around 1 cup a day.

Methyl mercury is contained in large migratory fish such as tuna, gold eye sea bream, swordfish, etc.

There is concern that it affects the central nerve of the fetus.

Animal vitamin A contained in liver and eels

If you ingest it excessively during early pregnancy, there is a risk of affecting the fetus negatively. You may consume chicken and pig liver up to about 4g/day, cow liver up to about 50g, and eel must be limited to about 40 to 50 grams a day only.

Toxoplasma contained in raw meat and insufficiently heated meat

Half-cooked or raw meat like sushi is best avoided during pregnancy to prevent causing troubles for the baby.

Listeria monocytogenes contained in natural cheese (camembert and blue cheese)

Early symptoms of a listeria infection are similar to influenza. There is also a report that the incidence rate increases during pregnancy, so be very careful.

French fries

Fried potatoes are the favorite food of most people. However oily stuff puts a burden on the stomach, and taking too much salt may cause hypertensive syndrome, so eat these in moderation.

There may be restrictions that will cause pregnant women to feel stressed. However, there are also much delicious food and things that you might not have encountered if you did not get pregnant. So it is important to look at the idea of changing your diet during pregnancy positively and enjoy the food adventure.


Many people notice pregnancy when they are already 2 or 3 months along. Nine months seems like a long time but seems to pass in the blink of an eye. Try to fully enjoy this great experience and remain positive.

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