Pregnancy after Miscarriage

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Miscarriage is a very sad event. Some of you may find it hard to get out of your sorrow.

However, have you ever heard that pregnancy is easy after miscarriage? This is not a rumor, it is a fact. However, it is not recommended to start child making immediately after the delicate experience of miscarriage.

This time, we will explain why pregnancy rate increases after miscarriage or why it is easy to become pregnant after miscarriage, and the points to remember after childbirth.

Probability of pregnancy after miscarriage

The probability of miscarriage is never low. It accounts for as much as 15% of all pregnant women.

Moreover, this probability increases further as the age increases, and it is said that it will reach 25% or more when the age is over 40.

In addition, more than 80% of miscarriages occur in less than 12 weeks of pregnancy (early pregnancy).

The cause of miscarriage is often fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Because doctors make decisions at the genetic level, moms should not blame themselves.

*Miscarriage is not uncommon
*In most cases, the cause is at the fetal gene level
*Happens often in the early stages of pregnancy

Two types of miscarriage and pregnancy probability

There are two main types of miscarriage. Let’s see how the pregnancy probability after miscarriage goes up for each.

Natural abortion

It is a miscarriage that often occurs in the early pregnancy, especially around 6 to 7 weeks. The pregnancy test shows positive that the fetus has died in the stomach during pregnancy as judged in obstetrics and gynecology department.

Dead fetuses may either be removed by surgery or left to the natural process of removal without performing the procedure. So leaving it to nature is called spontaneous abortion.

Because natural abortion “resets” the uterus, the probability of pregnancy after miscarriage will increase.

Chemical abortion

It is type of miscarriage that occurs at an earlier stage than natural abortion.

Chemical miscarriage is called miscarriage, but was is not originally classified as miscarriage. There is almost no change in the condition of the uterus because implantation is not 100% established. Therefore, the pregnancy probability after miscarriage does not increase, and it will be the same as before chemical abortion.

Why is it easy to get pregnant after miscarriage?

After miscarriage, the chance to get pregnant seems increased. But why is it?

Because the uterus is clean

In the case of natural abortion, the uterus is reset and it becomes clean. So to speak, it’s in a good condition. Therefore, it becomes easy to get pregnant after miscarriage. This is a medically proven fact.

However, in the case of miscarriage due to diseases such as chemical miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy mentioned above, the pregnancy rate may not change and remain as it was before miscarriage, or it may also decrease.

For example, in the case of ectopic pregnancy where you have been implanted in the fallopian tube:
As we can not continue pregnancy in oviduct, we have to do treatment for miscarriage, but we will remove oviduct at that time. If the fallopian tube is removed, the pregnancy probability will be lower.

It is said that you may be able to get pregnant soon after miscarriage, however, you need to ask your doctor when is the best.

When can I get pregnant after miscarriage?

After miscarriage, although the probability of pregnancy increases, we do not recommend making a child immediately.

Although the uterus is clean after miscarriage, it is said that the function of the uterus itself is not completely restored.

Therefore, start child making after menstruation has come at least once or twice. Depending on the condition of the uterus it may be better to leave a gap, so it is best to follow your doctor’s advice.

When do you get menstruation and ovulation after miscarriage?

After miscarriage, menstruation will come as soon as the function of the uterus is restored.

It seems that there are many people who have menstruation in a month, but there are individual differences and it depends on the condition of the person whether it comes in two weeks or takes two months.

Also, even if menstruation comes, it does not necessarily mean that you are ovulating. It is recommended to use basal body temperature measurement and ovulation test to check if you are ovulating.


We have explained the reasons why pregnancy rate increases after miscarriage and the precautions.

After women have lost their precious baby and their hearts and bodies have been damaged, many want to be blessed with another as soon as possible. However please settle down for a while and concentrate on healing your mind and body.

In addition to that, the changes in physical condition after miscarriage vary widely among women. Do not be impulsive, and only resume child making according to the advice of the doctor.

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