Infertility: Foods for you and your man


When you’re married and thinking about having a baby, you want to get rid of any worries and gain as much knowledge as possible if you’re going through pregnancy for the first time.

Nowadays, there is a lot of fertility knowledge out there. Fertility is not something that only women can do, but it is also something that can only be done with the help of your partner.

In this article, we will focus on the diet for men, which is one of the most important aspects of fertility.

What kind of food should your partner eat to make it easier to get pregnant?

Diet is the basis of bodybuilding. It’s not just a matter of eating foods that look good for his body. Here, we will introduce some of the foods that men should eat to improve their fertility.

First and foremost, don’t neglect the nutritional balance of his diet.

Easy convenience store lunches are delicious, but they contain a lot of additives, so if you are trying to improve your fertility, you should avoid them.

As for what to actually eat, red bell peppers and broccoli are rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent sperm aging, as well as acerola and gold kiwifruit. Eel, almonds, and spinach, which are rich in vitamin E, stimulates the secretion of testosterone and produce good quality sperm.

Wakame seaweed, kelp, eggs, and pork, contain zinc, which activates the body’s ability to produce cells. Be sure to eat chicken, beef, natto (fermented soybeans), and liver.

Of course, it is important to eat white rice, salad, soup, etc. in addition to side dishes using these ingredients so that the balance is not unbalanced.

What are infertility activities?

Now that you know the importance of diet in infertility activities. However, it is important to review what infertility activities are and what to do.

Infertility activities are for couples who want to have a baby in the future, or who are struggling with old age or infertility.

It is a process that requires the couple to work together, discussing and consulting with a gynecologist they trust, measuring basal body temperature, keeping a record of menstrual periods, and for men, using a kit to check their own sperm concentration and motility.

In addition to the things listed above and what your doctor has told you, you should also know what he should avoid in his daily life to increase your success rate.

By adding just a few small things and a little effort, you will be on your way to success.

Remember what to avoid while trying to get pregnant.

No matter how particular and careful he is about his diet, it will be useless if he neglects other aspects of his life. So, we will pick up some taboos during infertility activities.

Drinking after work or before going to bed

Alcohol is tasty and soothing to a tired body and mind. However, consuming too much alcohol can affect his sperm and ejaculation.

In addition to alcohol, tobacco, being overweight, taking long hot baths and saunas, and stress can also have an effect. These can have a negative impact not only on infertility activities but also on his health, so keep them to a minimum.

Don’t take a hot bath

Baths and saunas are good for you, but the best temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius, avoiding high temperatures, in order for the nest to function properly.

Try to get as much sleep and rest as possible, eat right, quit smoking, avoid alcohol, and get moderate exercise to keep his body healthy.

Also, if he is taking any medications, consult with your family doctor and don’t just assume that he is fine because he always takes them.

Know what you can do besides diet while trying to get pregnant.

In addition to what he should eat and what he should avoid, there are other things he can do to make your pregnancy more successful.

First, don’t let his sperm hold back. Sperm that is stored without being released will become old, and when the time comes, your chances of getting pregnant will decrease.

Therefore, his body should try to produce sperm every one or two days to avoid decreasing his success rate. Not having sex for a long time is also not a good idea, as he is trying to avoid wasting sperm.

In addition to using the kit mentioned above, it is also important to have a test done to determine his sperm count, just in case.

Avoid irritating or pressuring his crotch with bicycles or underwear that is too tight. All of these things are not difficult to do if he takes care of the little things in his daily life.

Both you and your partner should pay attention to the little things, but try not to let stress build up in their lives.


Infertility activities cannot be done alone but must be done in unison as a couple.

It may seem like a daunting task, but it can be changed by paying attention to the little things in daily life, as we have mentioned.

If you are too strict, you will become stressed, so please try to relax and work together.

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