Infertility Activity: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Infertility activity refers to the activities of gaining knowledge about pregnancy and birth and adjusting one’s lifestyle and body to make it easier to get pregnant. In other words, it is a way to increase your fertility.

Not only those who are married, but also those who are not married, those who are expecting childbirth at an advanced age, and those who want to get pregnant and have a child eventually, are engaged in fertility activities. In order to increase fertility, Chinese medicine is a very effective way to determine one’s constitution.

This is a brief explanation of what it actually does for infertility activities.

Increasing Fertility with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Three important fertility-enhancing powers in fertility Chinese medicine: in Kidney, Liver, Spleen Chinese Medicine, fertility is improved by enhancing the innate life force. In Chinese herbal medicine, the body, the kidney, the liver, and the spleen in the organs, are used to get pregnant and give birth.

The kidneys contain a substance called “spirit” that gives birth to life. Fertility Chinese herbal medicine is designed to strengthen the three forces, regulate the condition of the spirit, and increase fertility.

The kidney is the most important part of fertility.

The kidneys and nephrons store spirit, which includes the functions of growth, development, and reproduction. The kidney’s spirit is used for vital activities and is gradually depleted. It is replenished by making essence from vital energy and blood obtained through eating and drinking.

When the kidneys are full of spirit, not only is life activity active but it can also be shared with children, which means that pregnancy is possible. It is also deeply involved in hormone secretion. Especially for those who will have a child at an advanced age, the kidneys should be strengthened thoroughly.

Enriching the liver with blood

The Liver functions as a reservoir of blood. When the Liver is full of blood, it works well. It is also the place where blood is purified, and the purified blood becomes the material for the spirit.

It also regulates the balance of vital energy and blood flowing through the body. Vital energy and blood are used in the workings of the whole body. In other words, the function of the kidneys is also enhanced, which increases fertility.

When the Liver functions poorly, the body is not cleansed and the flow of vital energy and blood is poor, resulting in mental and physical discomfort. It is especially vulnerable to stress, so it is important to dissipate it well.

Spleen to take in nutrition

The spleen is the place where the stomach and intestines work to digest and absorb food and drink ingested mainly through food, and to obtain nourishment as the source of vital energy and blood. The vital energy and blood are used to produce spirit. Excessive cold food and drink or binge eating can cause a decline in function, so be careful.

The 3 Main Principles of Fertility

Understanding the mechanism of menstruation and pregnancy

Knowing the mechanism of getting pregnant is a very important part of fertility activities. By understanding the mechanisms of menstruation and pregnancy, you will be able to understand what is necessary for your own fertility activities.

How menstruation and pregnancy work → Proper understanding of menstruation

Understanding your body

Check the health of your body and of your partners’. For men, check for sperm production, ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, and for women, check for endometriosis, hyperprolactinemia, and other conditions that can cause infertility.

For women, the basal body temperature is always taken to check the menstrual cycle, the amount of menstrual blood, menstrual pain, PMS, and other menstrual-related conditions.

About basal body temperature → Keeping a basal body temperature chart

About Menstrual Pain → Menstrual Pain

Female Disorders → Infertility Female Causative Diseases, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Hyperprolactinemia

Male disorders → Male infertility

Reviewing your lifestyle, including diet and sleep

It is necessary to review your daily lifestyle in order to improve your fertility. If you are not taking care of yourself on a daily basis, your body will become oxidized, or aged. The quality of sperm will decrease, and the uterus and eggs will age, making it difficult to get pregnant.

It is important to review your daily habits such as eating and sleeping.


If you want to have a baby and work on infertility activities, you need to have the right knowledge and how to get pregnant first. Then, you and your partner need to check your body condition, etc. Even if you work on it, you can’t get pregnant by yourself, therefore, talk with your partner and ask for his help as well.

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