Visualization of Vagina


Have you ever heard of ‘vaginal training’? Actually, in Japan, vaginal training is popular and very important after giving birth because the vagina tends to get loose.  Therefore, to tighten the vagina many women do vaginal training.

Before explaining how to do vaginal training, we will introduce the visualization of the vagina in this article. Visualizing the vagina makes vaginal training more effective. You just need one sheet of paper and some sticker or pen.

How to visualize the vagina

You may wonder how you can visualize the vagina which you can’t see usually. So, let’s take a look how to visualize it.

You may feel it’s awkward, but this is important thing. So, try it.

Prepare a piece of paper and a pen

While sitting comfortably cross-legged on the floor, write ① Pubic bone ② Ischial bone ③ Ischial bone ④Coccygeal bone on the paper, as you touch your bones to know them.


Next, check the balance of the position with the fingertips touching from where each hole is located (with your clothes on).  Write each hole on the paper between the pubic bone and coccygeal bone,  checking the distance between each hole – from pubic bone, the vagina from the urethra, and the anus.

Try to tighten or loosen

When you know the approximate position of the urethra, vagina, and anus and you try to tighten or loosen vagina while having the consciousness of the vagina from the “visualization” session, it will be easier to tighten or loosen it. This is the effect expected from “Visualization of Vagina”. The exercises for vaginal training will be efficient and effective!

There are some lessons for vaginal training in Japan, and students who participate in the lesson have to visualize the vagina. And it’s very interesting to see that each position is different depending on the individual’s thoughts.

According to a gynecologist, the deviation of these positions are actually only about several millimeters. When it is invisible, it becomes vague and uneasy. However, by doing this visualization, the consciousness can work more for each part, and the vaginal training becomes more efficient and effective

 Recommend to people who think…

Vaginal visualization is recommend for  people who think: 

  • ”I can’t tighten the vagina or the anus”
  • ”After taking shower, water uncontrollably leaks out from the vagina”
  • ”I have experienced giving birth”

In addition to muscles weakening  with age, pelvic floor muscles of young people these days are weaker compared to women 50 years ago.

 Why do you need vaginal training?

Because the function of pelvic floor muscles improve and you can cum easily. Also, your partner feels good when your vagina is tight. It improves blood circulation of the lower body and your body gets aroused easily.

You need to take care of pelvic floor muscles for good sex because pelvic floor muscles degenerate unless you consciously move it, and they are hurt by giving birth. Therefore, almost half of the women’s vagina are loosened.

“Vaginal training” that can train these essential  muscles. If the muscle mass of the pelvic floor muscles is high, the sexual function will be enhanced. Not only will women orgasm easier, but also your partner feels good because the muscles of the vagina will shrink and feel tight. By further increasing the muscle mass and improving the blood flow of the lower body, secretion of body fluids also becomes active.

What are the advantages except sex?

Then, if you exercise the vaginal muscle, what are good for you except sex? You may be surprised, but there are some more advantages.

Bad blood circulation is improved  (blood flow in the pelvis)

Muscles play a role as a pump to send blood. Training the pelvic floor muscles with vaginal training improves pumping function and increases blood flow in the pelvis!  

Have a good posture by training inner muscle

Pelvic floor muscles are interlocked with the inner muscles such as the diaphragm, multifidus muscle, and abdominal transverse muscles. The trunk is trained by moving the pelvic floor muscle with vaginal training, and you will have good posture.

No more constipation because excretion function improves

The pelvic floor muscles support organs in the pelvis such as the uterus and bladder, and control excretion function. Training the pelvic floor muscles helps relieve constipation and menstrual cramps and lessens diarrhea as well.


Vaginal training has many effects for women.  Shy people might be uncomfortable with this topic, however the vagina is an important part of the body  that can improve essential  functions 

Our next article will show you how to do vaginal training! Stay tuned! 

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