How to wean your child

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When your child is about 5 months old, you may start to think about “weaning food”.

You may hear the word “weaning food” a lot, but you may wonder, “Where should I start?” ” When should I start?” “Is there a guideline for starting? “What kind of tableware should I use?”

When your child is a baby, the food will be breast milk or formula. Weaning food is the first step for babies who can only drink breast milk or formula to eat like adults. Weaning food is an important meal in the process of transitioning from breast milk and formula to infant food, taking nutrition from other foods.

Weaning is the process of changing the consistency of foods and learning the taste and texture of foods according to the age of the child.

So, when should you start weaning your child?

It is said that the standard time to start weaning is around 5 to 6 months of age. However, since this is only a guideline, it is important to decide the timing based on your baby’s reaction and condition.

  • The amount of drooling has increased.
  • Watching an adult eat and being interested in food.
  • No feeding reflex when the spoon is put in her mouth.
  • No reluctance to use the spoon.

When you see these signs, you may want to think about starting baby food. If your baby is interested in food, then you can start.

How do you wean your baby?

The first stage is the time when the baby gets used to the food. Even if you are ready to start weaning, you may be wondering, “How should I start? “Where should I start?”

There are different ways to start weaning, and there are different foods for different ages. The first stage of weaning is once a day.

This is because it is important for babies to “get used to eating” since their nutrition is still based on breast milk or formula.

Some babies may not like the food they eat for the first time and may take it out. However, there is no need to force them to eat. Please remember that the purpose of weaning is to transition from breast milk or formula to food and to get used to eating.

“What foods should I start with? You may be wondering.

In Japan, Weaning starts with rice. You may have heard that you should start with rice porridge with lots of water because rice is less likely to cause allergies. In the first stage of weaning, start with this soft rice porridge, and as the baby gets used to it, try vegetables that are easy for the baby to eat, such as carrot, spinach, and pumpkin in paste form.

Start with 1 spoon, then 2 spoons on the second day, 3 spoons on the third day, and gradually increase the amount to get them used to it.

After the rice porridge, try vegetables, starting with 1 spoon and increasing to 2 spoons and then 3 spoons.

In the first month of weaning, it will be porridge and vegetables, but from the second month, you can try proteins such as tofu and whitefish. If they seem to be having trouble eating, you can thicken the food or mix it with vegetable broth, kombu dashi, or porridge.

It depends on how the child is progressing with the weaning process, but we think it’s best to follow the child’s pace and not get caught up in the weaning books.

When do you start eating two meals at once?

After the first month of weaning, you can increase the number of meals from one to two. When you give one meal, your baby would eat in the morning, but when she starts eating two meals, she would eat once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

It is said that weaning time should be fixed as much as possible so that the baby can develop a rhythm of eating. Since babies’ digestive system is still underdeveloped, it is said that it is best to leave about four hours between meals in order to avoid stress on the stomach.

You can decide the schedule according to your child’s mood. Even though your child is now eating two meals a day, he/she still needs to get his nutrition from breast milk and formula.

After weaning, please feed your child with breast milk or formula.

Are there any things that you need to be careful about?

In the first stage of weaning, you have to be careful about allergies because the baby is eating all the foods for the first time. Weaning food should be given in small amounts while monitoring the baby’s condition.

Also, it is best to give them on a day when the baby is feeling good and in the morning. The reason for trying the “first foods” in the morning is in case there are any allergy symptoms such as eczema or any other symptoms.

This is in consideration of hospital hours. The reason for trying the “first foods” in the morning is in case of allergies or symptoms such as eczema.


The purpose of weaning is to “get used to eating.” Some children will like it and eat a lot, while others may not like it. During this period, nutrition is not food, but breast milk and formula, so it is okay if your child does not eat.

It is important to respect your child’s pace and let them get used to eating and that eating is fun through weaning food.

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