How to Use a Basal Thermometer Properly? How and When to Use it: Vol.1


If you are trying to get pregnant, your basal body temperature is a good indicator of when you are most likely to have a baby. In addition, basal body temperature is a barometer that can be used to monitor menstrual cycles and changes in physical condition. There is a correct way to measure your basal body temperature.

In this article, we will introduce the correct way to measure your basal body temperature and the key points.

What is the difference between a basal thermometer and a common thermometer?

General thermometers are used when you have a cold, for example. On the other hand, a basal body thermometer, also known as a gynecological thermometer, is a thermometer designed to measure basal body temperature.

The difference between a standard thermometer and a basal body thermometer is the number of values displayed. While ordinary thermometers display 0.1 units (to the first decimal place), basal body thermometers display up to 0.01 units (to the second decimal place).

As a result, basal body thermometers are able to show minute changes in body temperature that ordinary thermometers cannot.

Most common thermometers measure in the armpit, but basal body thermometers measure in the mouth. The reason for measuring in the mouth is simply that the body temperature is more stable.

In the case of measuring the body temperature under the armpit, the body temperature tends to change due to sweating or the influence of outside air, however in the mouth, it is not affected by these factors. For this reason, the mouth is the best place to measure your basal body temperature for more accurate results.

How to use a basal body thermometer properly

It is not enough to simply put a basal body thermometer in your mouth and measure it. It is important to use it correctly.

Take your temperature as soon as you wake up.

The basic premise is that you should take your basal body temperature as soon as you wake up. Even just getting up from the blanket can cause your body temperature to change. Therefore, before going to bed, always keep a basal body thermometer by your bedside or somewhere where you can get it without moving your body.

Put the basal body thermometer under your tongue

The basal body thermometer should be placed at the base of the central muscle under the tongue. If you place the thermometer in the hollow on either side of the muscle, rather than at the tip of the muscle, the thermometer will not wobble and will remain stable. It is important to measure in the same position every day, so decide where you want to place the thermometer.

  • Close the mouth after you put your basal body temperature.
  • Once you put the basal body temperature in your mouth and fix it, close your mouth. If you keep your mouth open, the temperature will be affected by the outside air.


It may not be common in your country to measure the basal body temperature using the basal body thermometer. However, these days, in some countries, developed countries, it’s getting common to know when is the best timing for you to get pregnant.

Therefore, if you want to know the timing, try to measure the basal body temperature every day. You will see the graph that shows the best timing to get pregnant / have sex.

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