How to Take Basal Body Temperature Correctly! How and When to Use it: Vol.2


In the previous article (Vol. 1), we introduced the basics of why you should take your basal body temperature and how to use a basal body thermometer. If you want to have a baby, we recommend you to use a basal body thermometer.

In this article, we will introduce what you need to do to measure it correctly, and how it relates to sleep time.

What you need to do to measure your basal body thermometer correctly

Even though you are using the right basal thermometer, there are times when you cannot measure properly and your basal body temperature becomes uneven. Of course, this may be related to changes in your physical condition or hormonal imbalance, but it is also possible that you are not measuring correctly.

In order to measure the body temperature correctly, it is of course important to use the device correctly, but two factors are also important: “measure at a fixed time every day” and “get at least four hours of sleep.”

If you sleep for too short a time, your body temperature will not drop sufficiently while you sleep, and the temperature at the time of measurement will tend to be higher. It is also said that even with the same amount of sleep, there is a difference in the rise in body temperature between measuring in the morning and measuring in the afternoon.

Therefore, try to wake up at a fixed time and measure your body temperature as much as possible.

What to do if you have irregular sleeping hours?

Some people find it difficult to take measurements at a fixed time every day due to their work schedule, such as shift work. If this is the case, make sure to keep a note of the time you take your measurements.

If your temperature varies, you will be able to see later if it is due to lack of sleep or irregular hours. This will also help you understand the cause of the variation in your basal body temperature, so instead of giving up on measuring your basal body temperature because of irregular hours, it is recommended that you measure your basal body temperature to understand the current situation.

It is also important to take note of any changes in your physical condition, such as lack of sleep, colds, or alcohol consumption. When you review it, you should be able to figure out what condition you were in.

Find the right basal thermometer for you

There are many different types of basal body thermometers, from simple to multifunctional. Some record your temperature automatically, some can display a graph, some have a memo function, and some can even transfer data to a computer or smartphone for management.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes for some devices to measure your body temperature, while others can measure it in about 20 seconds. To get into the habit of taking measurements without too much work, be sure to choose one that fits your lifestyle.


Depending on your lifestyle, you should find which basal body thermometer is good for you and how to measure the basal body temperature when you have a shift schedule. To know the right basal body temperature, it’s important to use is correctly.

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