How to Do Kegel Exercises? It Takes Only 3 Minutes a Day!

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In the previous article we introduced the visualization of vagina and why vaginal training is good for sex.

After giving birth, many women have trouble with ‘loosened’ vagina. It usually happens to women after giving birth, but it also happens to young women who don’t exercise enough. Therefore, even if you haven’t given birth yet, you have to be mindful of it.

This article will explain how to do vaginal training. It’s easy, and takes only 3 minutes everyday!

Why does vagina get loose?

Loosening of the vagina occurs because the muscular strength of the “pelvic floor muscle” that supports the uterus, bladder, rectum is weakened by giving birth, aging, and lack of exercise. If it gets worse, it may cause a disease called “uterine prolapse” in which the uterus comes out from the vagina.

Some gynecology departments , offer treatment for uterine prolapse. There are several options for treatment such as vaginal reduction therapy, high frequency treatment, magnetic therapy, etc., and it is possible to choose the optimal treatment method according to your age and if you want to have baby later or not.

The age group of women actually visiting the clinic seems to be wide – ranging from 20’s to 70’s. Many gynecologists say that the proper treatment is important for the improvement of the symptoms, but it is more important to prevent it. You need to know that the vagina will become loose after 40. Therefore, we recommend vaginal training.

Now, we will introduce the vaginal training!

Kegel Exercises takes only 3 mins A Day


Then, let’s take a look how to train the muscle.

  1. Stand with legs wide open to the width of your shoulders.
  2. Breathe in slowly (about 5 seconds), tighten the area around the anus, imaging that pulling up the vagina. Tighten it as much as you can, and hold your breath, keep it closed for 5 seconds.
  3. Breathe out slowly and loosen the vagina (about 5 seconds).

Do this 5 sets first every day.

Although there are individual differences, many people can see the effects in a month approximately, and sexual intercourse is observed to go smoothly. Besides tightening the vagina, these exercise can also be expected to prevent urine leakage, prevention of frequent urination and uterine prolapse, improvement of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and insensitivity.

You may not know, but to train the vagina muscle is important and you will see the many advantages.

In addition, training the pelvic floor muscle leads to train your waist and butt as well. However, if you stop training, your muscular strength will weaken again. So, keep doing it!

Feel how tighten your vagina is by yourself


Some women who have trouble with loosen vagina don’t even know that their vagina is loose. Sometimes they would find out when their partners tell them and then decide to visit the clinic. Since they are not aware to begin with, there are many women who feel unsure whether their vagina has improved or not after the treatment.

Many gynecologists will tell you, “know your body better”. And as a method of knowing how tight your vagina is, you can try to feel the tightness by putting your finger in the vagina during bath time. Make sure to wash your fingers first before trying.

If you don’t know the feeling of tightening the vagina, you can try using the special goods for vaginal training. Vaginal toy goods are sold under the name “inner ball”, etc.


It is important to be aware of the feeling that the vagina is tightened, to know the condition of your body. If you can check the condition of your vagina, you can also determine whether the the vaginal training is effective or to keep going with the exercises in to maintain its health. As the vagina is a sensitive part, pay attention to safety and hygiene.

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