Stress and Pregnancy: The Effects of Stress During Pregnancy on Babies

Crying Lady Fertility and Pregnancy

There are some pregnant women who suffer from minor issues during pregnancy, such as getting irritated and feeling blue over very trivial matters.

Although most pregnant women seem to be happy, there are some who suffer from anxiety and stress and wonder if that is normal.

Why would a pregnant woman feel stressed when carrying a lovely baby should be an exciting experience?

In this article, we will talk about different stress scenarios for pregnant woman, and introduce countermeasures to solve and cope with stress to have happy and healthy babies.

Stress about pregnancy

Many women who are starting their pregnancy journey usually feel anxious and scared because it is a big event in their lives. In this section, we provide you some information about the possible stress factors being associated in pregnancy. 

Anxiety about pregnancy and childbirth – morning sickness and miscarriage

A woman’s body changes greatly when it gets pregnant. Aside from your stomach getting bigger, the whole body continues to change toward childbirth.

Morning sickness – feeling nauseous the whole day can be very stressful. Besides nausea, the symptoms vary depending on the person, such as an increase in your sensitivity to smell. You have to suffer the discomfort until the morning is over.

I am also wondering about premature birth, whether or not I will give birth safely or have a healthy baby is always on top of my mind.

 It is no exaggeration to say that pregnant women are constantly stressed until the day they give birth.

Changes in body shape, physical condition, preference 

When you become pregnant, your stomach gets bigger and your weight will naturally increase. For women who care about their weight and shape, they may feel stressed about their body shape and get broken over the obvious change in shape as the number of gestational weeks progresses.

Also, when you become pregnant, the nipple darkens and the areola become large and prominent. It is a normal change that the hormonal balance has influenced, but there are many women who are not ready for these changes that are normal, yet out of their control. Many feel uneasy as if their own familiar body were changing to become another person’s body.

Changes in nipples will return to their original nature after birth, and body shape and weight will also require effort but it is possible to return to the original form or bring it closer.

Anxiety about child rearing in the future 

Even if you give birth safely and have a healthy baby, it is also stressful to worry about your nurturing skills.

There may be a tendency to feel strongly about the future, as your child develops.

It is pointless to get anxious about work, health, age, and the economic situation. No matter how worried we get right now, these problems cannot be solved immediately. 

Let’s spend all the time now focusing on the things within our means that can change our future.

Marital problems with your husband

It can be observed that one of the most common stresses during pregnancy is stress for the husbands or partners.

Many husbands are coping with pregnancy by avoiding the changes and spending more time outside the home and at work. This makes the woman feel sadder and blames the physical changes of her pregnant body.

Unlike women, males have more difficulty in embracing the changes during pregnancy. However, communication is the key. Do not give up and create opportunities for discussion. Find time to talk to your husband and do not turn the discussion into a lecture.

The effect of stress on pregnant women and the fetus

If you feel uneasy or overly stressful during your pregnancy, you need to change your mindset right now. Here are the possible effects of stress on your pregnancy and on your child. Read carefully!

Impact on the pregnant mother

For the moment, the influence of stress on the mother is not clearly understood. However, the current focus is the possibility of pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

Because stress acts to contract blood vessels, it becomes a factor that raises the blood pressure, and causes the risk of having pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

Pregnancy hypertension syndrome is hypertension during pregnancy, or symptoms with hypertension and proteinuria. Despite the fact that the mother may not feel the symptoms of the high blood pressure, in severe cases, there is often a danger to the mother’s body and fetus.

Effect on the fetus 

Stress can have numerous negative effects on babies.

  • Low body weight
  • Premature labor, premature birth
  • Nutritional deficiency, insufficient growth
  • Mental illness, emotional instability, etc.

It is said that the risks mentioned above happen because the baby in the stomach also feels the stress that mother is experiencing. These problems do not always occur as they are only possibilities. However it is best to keep them in mind and try to avoid stressing your baby.

There is no need to feel worried and uneasy beyond necessity. Relax and savor the experience.

Your Guide to Cope with Stress During Pregnancy!

Don’t worry if you are currently experiencing some stress and anxiety in your pregnancy these days. Here is a simple guide that you can follow for you to cope with your stress. 

Talk to the baby

The best way to relieve stress during pregnancy is to talk to your baby.

For example, you can share what you are seeing and doing. “Today is nice weather, let’s go for a walk!

When talking to the baby, talk only about good things and use gentle words. Do not complain to your baby about your frustrations.

Sleep and rest your body

During pregnancy, you often feel sleepy due to hormonal imbalance.

Forcing yourself to stay awake only increases your stress. So allow yourself to sleep and relax. If you can’t sleep, you will be able to rest your mind and body well by just lying down.

Do light exercise such as yoga

Light exercise will allow you to refresh your body and lead to stress dissipation. After entering the stable period of pregnancy, walking and maternity yoga  are recommended.

 It is also good to preview places to have fun with your baby after childbirth, and window shopping for baby goods.


Talking to people will make you feel better. Pregnancy tends to be an overwhelming experience because of the idea and the pressure that you should pay more attention to your body. Let it be an enjoyable experience by making conversations with friends and family.

If you cannot find anyone to talk to, you can participate in events such as maternity seminars and mother classes. You may be able to make many friends.


How did you find our article about pregnant women’s stress and how to deal with it?

Stress is constant and sometimes it may be difficult to eliminate it completely. Make sure that you know how to deal with stress and refer to the counter measures that we have suggested so that you can spend your pregnant days as pleasant and calm as possible for you and your baby’s health.

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