How Do I Figure Out The Next Menstruation and Ovulation Date?

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What is the best way to identify the date of ovulation of women with irregular menstruation who want to start on infertility treatment? Methods such as measuring the basal body temperature and examining the condition of the discharge are common. You can use an ovulation test kit or have yourself checked at the hospital, so please check it out.

This article will introduce how you can figure out your next menstruation and ovulation date.

Do you have irregular menstruation?

Do you have irregular menstruation? There are many women who have some troubles with their menstruation such as polymenorrhea or hypomenorrhea. You may not know if your menstruation is regular or not.

Hmm, I think that my period is not regular.

To have irregular menstruation is not good for your body and when you want to get pregnant. So, if you have this, keep reading.

What would happen if you have irregular menstruation?

Do you know that there are some problems if you have polymenorrhea or hypomenorrhea? If you have that, but if you don’t take any treatment, it may be hard for you to get pregnant in the future. However, even if you have the problem and if you take proper treatment, you will have normal menstruation.

What are the Advantages of Measuring the Basal Body Temperature?

Even if you have irregular menstruation, checking the basal body temperature is very important. The advantages of measuring the basal body temperature are:

  • Know whether ovulation is working or not
  • Easy to predict ovulation date
  • Know your next menstruation
  • When bleeding, it’s easy to judge whether it’s menstrual or abnormal bleeding

Basal body temperature can help you manage your physical condition because it helps you identify your body changes and troubles in your body. There is also the possibility of discovering conditions that make it difficult for you to get pregnant from the shape of the graph. It may take some time to get used to. However, around 3 months, you will be able to know your body changes and your menstrual cycle.

Can you tell the date of ovulation by changing discharge?

The discharge not only prevents bacteria from entering the vagina, but also plays a role in helping the sperm reach the uterus during the ovulation period and establish pregnancy. Therefore, it’s possible to measure the date of ovulation from changes in the discharge. As the day of ovulation ends, the discharge returns to transparent and white.

Discharge during ovulation has the following characteristics.

  • The amount of discharge increases
  • Transparent discharge like egg white
  • It stretches well like a slime when you take it by your fingers

Especially around the day of ovulation, smooth cervical mucus is secreted at the entrance of the uterus, the cervix. This is a fluid that helps semen be carried into the uterine lumen. In the field of infertility treatment, cervical mucus test is performed to check the amount and properties of cervical mucus, and if the result is bad, artificial insemination may be recommended rather than natural pregnancy.

How to Identify the date of ovulation by checking discharge and cervix

In Japan, there was a woman who developed a method of checking the discharge and uterine by yourself, based on her own pregnancy experience. Now we will introduce a method to identify the date of ovulation by making an internal examination and checking the condition of discharge and cervix.

  • Wash your hands first
  • Take off your underwear, and spread your legs wide enough past the width of your shoulders
  • Go down with your knees bent, and put your middle and index fingers into the vagina to check the cervix
  • Check the direction and firmness of the cervix and pick up discharge
  • Check the color and stretch of the discharge

The woman’s body changes from 4 weeks to 1 month for fertilization. When the ovulation day approaches, changes appear in the uterine and the discharge. Not only the discharge but also uterine changes to accept sperm as it lowers or softens as the ovulation day approaches.


Even if you have irregular menstruation, you can identify the date of ovulation by measuring basal body temperature, checking the discharge, and uterine conditions. The date of ovulation may vary because of irregular menstruation. However, if you keep checking basal body temperature and the conditions mentioned above, you will be able to anticipate when these changes ovulation are coming.

Don’t give up and get to know your body!

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