How Can You Tell When You Are Pregnant If Your Menstruation Is Irregular? What are the Signs?


What is the best way to identify pregnancy signs other than menstruation delays?

Most women who have regular periods are able to tell easily if they are pregnant. However, those who have irregular menstrual cycles are unable to tell if they are pregnant or simply delayed. 

Please keep on reading so that you can be aware about what’s really happening in your body especially if you’re expecting to get pregnant. 

 Some Women have Irregular Menstruation

Some women have irregular menstruation, therefore, even when they get pregnant, it’s not easy for them to notice it. Then, what would happen…?

If you keep drinking or smoking without noticing it, your baby may have defects due to alcohol or bad effects on your baby.

Signs That You Can’t Miss

Even if you have irregular menstruation, there are some signs that you can tell that you may get pregnant. Check them out.

Feel feverish

The woman’s body is in a high temperature period usually during  the two weeks before menstruation from ovulation. Menstruation comes when body temperature goes down again. If you are pregnant,  you may feel feverish because the high temperature period continues even after two weeks. Many women also feel cold  as a symptom of very early pregnancy. If you are on an infertility treatment, consider the possibility of pregnancy before taking medicine for colds.

Sense of taste and smell changes

When you get pregnant, you may suddenly not be able to eat what you like, or become sensitive to odors. If you experience these unusual  changes in taste or smell, you may be pregnant. You may notice it from the 3rd to 4th weeks of very early pregnancy.

Feel nauseous

Morning sickness  is a typical sign of early pregnancy. It often appears in the 4th to 6th weeks of pregnancy and 70-80% of pregnant women experience it. Women  who have irregular menstruation may notice pregnancy before the menstruation delays due to nausea.

The formal name of morning sickness is called hyperemesis gravidarum. According to theory, it is  the effect of the hormone hCG that is secreted t because of pregnancy.  Morning sickness also more often  becomes worse around the 10th week of pregnancy when the secretion of hCG is at its peak.

Use the toilet more often

As your pregnancy progresses, the uterus prepares for  the baby.  The endometrium is enriched and the uterus begins to compress the bladder.  This is the reason why many women feel  the need to go to the toilet more often in early pregnancy.

Symptoms similar to PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Many women suffer from symptoms such as headaches, chest tension and soreness, irritation and mental instability before menstruation. These are also mentioned as symptoms of early pregnancy and very early pregnancy. If menstruation does not come even after symptoms continue, think about the possibility of pregnancy.

When to use a pregnancy test kit if you have irregular menstruation?

Pregnancy test kits are used to determine pregnancy by responding to a hormone called hCG.  The secretion of HCG increases rapidly when you become pregnant.

The concentration of this hCG hormone is still little immediately after impregnation. Accurate results can be made one week after the scheduled period because it may not respond well to the test if  done too early.

For those who have irregular menstruation

If you have irregular menstruation, it’s difficult to predict the next scheduled period. In this  case, use a pregnancy test kit about 40 to 45 days after the last menstrual start date. If you have an idea of the actual day of pregnancy, try using that as a reference and count  three weeks after that date.

Is there a possibility of pregnancy even if the result of the kit is negative?

Just because the result of the pregnancy test kit is negative does not mean that the possibility of pregnancy is zero. If you use a pregnancy test kit too early, or if the concentration or amount of urine is insufficient for judgement, it’s likely that you may notice pregnancy much later.

What if I’m pregnant with multiple fetuses?

You may not be able to see the right result. So if you sense any signs of pregnancy, it is best to see your gynecologist


Even if you have irregular menstruation, you can check these signs of pregnancy yourself first and use a pregnancy test kit. If you are not sure or doubt the result, visit your doctor as soon as possible!

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