Morning Sickness: 10 Tips to cope with morning sickness

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At the early stage of pregnancy, everyone wants to take measures to relieve the severe symptoms of morning sickness for yourself and baby. But, how can you get over it?

In this article, we will introduce 10 tips to cope with severe morning sickness.

First, why does morning sickness occur?

You may not believe it, however, even in this modern society, no one know why morning sickness happen to the pregnant women. Also, the symptoms vary from people to people, therefore, even the doctors can’t predict.

What to do when you have morning sickness?

Then, there’s no solution to reduce morning sickness…? Well, there are some tips that may be helpful for you. If you have morning sickness, try them.

To reduce morning sickness, you need to know what you had or you did etc. Please check the lists below.

Check what you had for breakfast/meals

The act of vomiting food among any symptoms of the morning sickness will consume the most energy. It is important to keep a record of what you ate in the day and know the food that did not suit well with your stomach whenever you get morning sickness.If there is any kind of food that eased the morning sickness, record it as well.

Eat food whatever you can eat

One of the symptoms of morning sickness at the beginning of pregnancy that  causes nausea is from the feeling of fullness. If you feel nausea when you are full, divide food in small amounts and into several portions and try different ways to consume it.

Drink lots of water

If the symptoms which make you vomit because of morning sickness continue in the early stage of pregnancy, it is likely that you can become dehydrated due to lesser water, and this is a danger to both mother and baby. Replenish water little by little by supplementing hydration with drinks such as sports drinks or even licking ice if it seems too difficult to drink anything.

Take a supplement

Even when you can not eat because of morning sickness at the early pregnancy, supplements can easily refill nutrition. It is good to choose supplements containing nutrients such as folic acid and iron which are indispensable in the early pregnancy, or vitamin B6 which has the function of softening morning sickness.

Have enough time set aside

During pregnancy, as your belly gets bigger, it will be harder to move more and more. When going out, set aside enough time to move around, so that you can afford to take a break whenever you feel sick because of  morning sickness.

Change into clothes which are not too tight

It is less stressful and easier to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness when you wear loose clothes than the tight ones that prevent you from  moving around easily during morning sickness. Even in the early pregnancy when your belly is not too big yet, choose the clothes for maternity that are of  stretchy material.

Take a break frequently

When you feel sick because of morning sickness at the beginning of pregnancy, it is important to take a break frequently at work and house work in order to relieve the symptoms even a bit, and to rest your body.

Especially for moms who work at the office, it may be hard to take a break on busy days. However, as it is an important time for both you and baby, so tell your boss and coworkers and ask help if you need it.

Find something to distract yourself from the discomfort

You may not be able to do anything because of the bad feeling during morning sickness, and you tend to lie down all the time and just stay home. However, rather than spending it without doing anything, it’s better to look for something that you can concentrate on like hobbies and can relieve symptoms by distracting yourself. It is recommended to try going out, and walking around the neighborhood to attempt to  alleviate the discomfort or change your feeling.

Release stress

When you feel stress, sometimes the symptoms of morning sickness gets worse. And especially during morning sickness, you are very sensitive to everything and get irritated easily. To relieve the symptoms, find something you like to do to release stress.

Ask for help 

When you have severe morning sickness, it’s more important to ask for help and rely on someone rather than doing everything by yourself.Don’t think that you have to take care of it by yourself. Ask your husband, family or friends to help you. When they support you to raise your child, you are more relaxed and stress-free.


Morning sickness will be the first challenge when you are pregnant. Some women may have severe morning sickness. However, try these tips for morning sickness that we have mentioned above. When you are in a difficult situation, allow yourself to depend on someone you can rely on. And, do not forget to be grateful for the assistance.. Then if you see someone else suffering from morning sickness, it is your turn to help them.

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