Implantation Bleeding VS. Menstruation


It’s not easy to distinguish between implantation bleeding or menstruation. However, there are some key points for implantation bleeding, and it helps to know the signs.

This article will explain how to distinguish between implantation bleeding or menstruation.

You May Want To Know If You Get Pregnant Or Not

It may not be easy to tell whether you get pregnant or not, however, some people say that there are some signs for pregnancy. It is better if you can distinguish between implantation bleeding or menstruation.

You May Get In Trouble

If you overlook the sign when you get pregnant, you may keep taking medicine or you exercise a lot which lead to have miscarriage or get some troubles. Therefore, you should take a look the signs carefully.

When you get pregnant, life is not only for you anymore but also for your baby.

What Can You Check Carefully?

We will explain what you should check carefully to distinguish between implantation bleeding or just menstruation.

When do you have the bleeding?

Implantation is based on the premise that sperm and ovum are fertilized because of having sex on or just before the date of ovulation. The time when you have implantation bleeding can be counted as the days when fertilization is established. Since menstruation is determined two weeks from the date of ovulation, it’s also possible to consider implantation based on the date of ovulation or during the period of menstruation.

When does implantation bleeding happen? Does it occur in the very early pregnancy?

Implantation happens 9-10 days after fertilization. Even if you have bleeding immediately after implantation, it usually happens 4 or 5 days before the scheduled menstruation. Since the blood from implantation bleeding may take time for it to be discharged from the body, if it’s behind the schedule, you may have bleeding around the scheduled menstruation. 4 or 5 days before the scheduled menstruation up to the day of the scheduled menstruation, is the “very early pregnancy” stage (if you are pregnant).

Is the bleeding period short?

Menstruation period is usually about 5-7 days. On the other hand, the period of implantation bleeding is about 1 to 3 days. Since the amount and timing of implantation bleeding vary, there are also individual differences in the duration of bleeding period.

In most cases, there is little blood during implantation bleeding and it may last for only 1 day. There are also some cases when pregnant women have their implantation bleeding on the same period as menstruation. That means you may experience bleeding for more than 3 days, and even up to 7.

If you experience bleeding for only one day with a small amount of blood, it’s easy to tell that it’s implantation. However, it may be a little difficult to distinguish between implantation bleeding and menstruation if you have been bleeding for many days or a little longer than your usual menstruation period.

Is the color of menstruation bleeding lighter than the blood during menstruation?

The color of menstruation varies slightly depending on individuals. However, it seems that for most women, the color is dusky-red. In the beginning and end of menstruation, you may observe that the color of the menstruation blood is light pink, brown, black, etc. Read on to know the difference as we explain how implantation can be distinguished by color.

Implantation bleeding is pink, fresh blood color, brown, etc.

Implantation bleeding may occur as a pinkish discharge. It’s like a small amount of blood mixed in discharge. If you are not familiar with how your normal discharge looks like, you might not be able to distinguish implantation discharge from the normal, and therefore it is easy to miss.

In addition, implantation bleeding may be a brownish discharge. There are some women who have this kind of brownish bleeding at the start and end of menstruation. It is also possible for implantation bleeding to appear as a bright red bloody color.

The color of implantation bleeding is very similar to menstruation

You may have implantation bleeding with various colors such as pink, red, and brown. And if it is clearly different from normal menstruation blood, you can suspect that it’s implantation bleeding. However, since the color can be the same as menstruation or irregular bleeding, it may also indicate irregular menstrual periods or other gynecological diseases. If you are not sure, it’s better to see your doctor.


You can distinguish whether it’s implantation bleeding or menstruation by checking the color of the discharge or blood. However, you will have to be very familiar with your own period of menstruation and the normal color in order to identify the difference.

The next article will explain more key points to check for implantation bleeding.

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