How Can I Spend My Pregnancy Time?

Fertility and Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is an important period for both mother and baby. In the first stage of pregnancy, you will often feel uneasy, and wonder “What is the best way to spend my time in the early stage of pregnancy?”, “How about morning sickness/miscarriage?”. All mothers are worried about so many of the same things.

In this article, we will introduce how you can spend your time in the early stage of pregnancy.

3 Things to Keep in Mind in the Early Stage of Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, what things do you need to be aware of? For your lifestyle, follow these lists.

Improve your lifestyle

A pregnant woman’s body starts to change rapidly. Especially in the early pregnancy, a big difference appears in the physical condition.

Sometimes morning sickness symptoms such as dizziness, loss of appetite, bad feeling, dullness, etc. will cause a disorder in your life rhythm or routine. If you are living an irregular life before pregnancy, start a regular schedule.

You may have heard of this many times, however, this is really important when you get pregnant for you and your baby.

Easy exercise

You may think “I want to put on physical strength for childbirth.” For health maintenance, do easy exercises that can be done after a meal or during free time. If you decide to do “easy exercises” after a meal, you can expect to prevent weight gain from overeating.

However, avoid too much exercise in the early pregnancy. Even mothers with few morning sickness symptoms do not necessarily have stable fetuses. Do easy exercises such as “walking” and “stretching” at the beginning of pregnancy. A walk or stretch after a meal will also make you feel refreshed.

Choose relaxing clothes

In the early stage of pregnancy, your belly may not be too big yet and you may choose the same clothes as before. However, choose relaxing clothes for the sake of your own comfort.

Even you don’t feel the changes in your body, your baby is growing. Therefore, choose loose clothes especially around the waist. Tight clothes may lead you to bad morning sickness as well.

Also, avoid wearing high heels to avoid falling down.

3 Things to Keep in Mind about Food

Next is what to eat when you get pregnant. Take a look.

Well-balanced diet

Try a balanced diet in early pregnancy. Diet is very important because everything you eat will influence your baby.

Eat “green-yellow vegetables” containing abundant nutrients such as vitamins, dietary fiber, iron, folic acid, and soy products containing a lot of protein. When you don’t have enough time, vegetable juice after meals is also recommended.

If the symptoms of severe morning sickness continue, your appetite may be gone. In order to prevent nutritional deficiency, even if the number of meals decreases, try to have a well-balanced diet as much as possible. Also, drink enough water.

Incorporate nutrients that tend to be deficient

“Folic acid” is a nutrient necessary at the beginning of pregnancy. If folic acid is deficient in the early pregnancy, there is a possibility that the baby will have disabilities. Therefore, an intake of 480 μg of folic acid per day is recommended.

Also, iron and calcium should be taken in more quantity than before pregnancy. It is a nutrient that can easily get deficient in the beginning, so pay attention to the dosage during pregnancy.

If you can’t take all of these nutrients from food, take supplements. Even if you have morning sickness and can’t eat anything, you can take supplements easily.

Food to avoid

In the early stages of pregnancy, try not to eat rich flavored food as much as possible and refrain from salting. Overconsumption of salt may cause swelling and high blood pressure and increase the risk of toxemia during pregnancy. Also, rich-tasting food will induce morning symptoms.

In addition, the content of mercury may be high in tuna, etc. Mercury has a risk of affecting the central nervous system of the fetus, so you should avoid ingesting it.

3 Things to Keep in Mind to Prevent Miscarriage

When you get pregnant, you may be worried about having a miscarriage. Many pregnant women do. So, please follow the “not to do” lists below.

No alcohol/no smoking

Alcohol will reach the fetus directly through the placenta. Cigarettes also lead to oxygen shortages in babies. And both of them will cause miscarriage or congenital abnormalities.

For those who are suffering from continuing drinking and smoking from the stress brought upon by morning sickness, think about your baby and change your lifestyle.

Conscious of infection prevention

During pregnancy, you will be more susceptible to infections due to reduced immunity and hormonal balance. There is a possibility that it will be transferred to your baby as well.

Rubella, measles, chickenpox, etc. are mentioned as infectious diseases that you need to pay particular attention to during pregnancy. These infections are dangerous that increase the risk of premature birth/miscarriage or congenital abnormalities.

Be careful of prescription

If you need to take medicine in the early pregnancy, see your doctor first. Early in pregnancy is when important organs such as the heart and brain are developing for the baby. Drug abnormalities may occur due to taking medicine.

During pregnancy, you may catch a cold, have headaches, constipation, and so on. However, it’s better to see your doctor and ask which medicines you should or can safely take.


In the early pregnancy, take a balanced diet and easy exercise after meals to stay healthy. If you are in good health, there will be a little negative impact on your baby. It is also important to stay relaxed avoid imposing excessive work and housework on yourself. Enjoy maternity life!

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