How can I get my baby to stop crying at night?

Distrubed Baby

“Life with a baby is full of happiness!”

On the other hand, raising a child is also a tough job that takes more physical and mental energy than you can imagine. Are you currently bothered by your baby’s crying at night, with no way of knowing how long it will last?

If you are raising a child for the first time, you may be worried about your baby’s nighttime crying every time, you may feel anxious because you don’t know the cause of the crying, and you may feel frustrated because you don’t get enough sleep due to the continuous crying at night.

In this article, we will explain one of the good ways to deal with crying at night for your baby!

What is crying at night?

Crying at night is when an infant starts crying at night, does not stop crying no matter what you do, and continues to whine. The details of the definition vary from country to country, region to region, and researcher to researcher, and there is no unified view.

It is also true that there are considerable individual differences. A newborn may cry in the middle of the night, complaining of hunger. However, this is not considered “crying at night” because the crying stops when the stomach is full. After the newborn stage, crying in the middle of the night gradually decreases.

But when there is no clear reason for the crying, such as “I’m hungry!” “The room is too hot or too cold!” “The diaper is wet!” etc. the baby wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying a lot, which is called “crying at night”.

If the same reaction occurs in the evening, it is not called crying at night, but rather “baby colic”.

What causes babies to cry at night?

As it turns out, we don’t know the exact cause yet. It is said that babies often cry at night when they meet new people during the day or when they meet more people than usual and receive a lot of stimulation.

There are two theories: one is that they cry at night due to excitement, and the other is that they cry at night because their body clock is out of sync because they cannot grasp the rhythm of sleep.

There is no clear cause for this, but it is thought to be a necessary part of growth and a stage of development.

How to make them stop crying?

  • Carry your baby in your arms.

Carrying your baby in your arms and rocking him or her can make him or her feel safe and stop crying.

  • Establish a rhythm in your life

Waking your baby up at a regular time and keeping a good balance between morning, noon and night may help reduce crying at night. You can also set meal times and bath times to help your baby adjust his or her body clock.

  • Letting your baby listen to sounds

The sound of a plastic bag clinking, a favorite song, or any other sound that attracts your baby’s attention may help to stop the crying.

  • Lighten the room for a while.

If no matter what you do, your child will not stop crying, you may want to turn on the lights in the room and wake him up completely before putting him back to sleep.

The best way to deal with this

Here, we will show you a simple way to deal with this problem at home.

The only tool you need is a small spoon.

Rub the baby’s back with a spoon that is warmed to about human skin temperature. Place your other hand on the baby’s shoulder and rub gently about 10 times. This will help to balance the autonomic nervous system and reduce nighttime crying.

If you are having trouble getting your baby to stop crying, you should definitely give this a try. We recommend that you do this not only when the crying is worse, but also on a daily basis.

You can also use baby oil and massage your baby’s stomach after a bath to help with physical contact and skincare.

The next step is to use the scent. You can also use the scent of lavender to help relax your baby.

We recommend putting lavender-scented aromatic oil in your baby’s bedroom, out of reach of your baby, and using it. Putting on some soothing music will also help your baby relax and reduce irritability!


  • Crying at night is a stage of development that will surely come to an end one day. 
  • Don’t let stress build-up.
  • Find the best way to deal with it.

Your anxiety and impatience will be transmitted to her baby.

Find a way to relax, and try not to accumulate stress. Get through the crying at night with a positive mindset that it will end one day!

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