How Belta Folic Acid Increases the Chances of Pregnancy?

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Even with normal fertility and regular ovulation, getting pregnant can still be a hassle for a lot of couples. In achieving such a goal, preconception care is advised. There are various ways to do preconception care; tracking your ovulation period, maintaining an active sex life, and following hacks to conceive fast are just a few of them.

Some couples take it slowly and assure that preconception care is thoroughly administered. Because it takes a long way from sometimes maintaining weight, and eating the right foods at the right time to getting scheduled checkups and constant health watch couples often resort to a faster and easier way: supplement intake. A famous supplement that is commonly used by couples is folic acid. 

What is Folic Acid?

The water-soluble natural vitamin B9 is known as folate, and it can be found in a variety of foods. In the form of folic acid, it is also added to foods and offered as a supplement. Folate participates in protein metabolism and aids in the formation of DNA and RNA. It is required for cell division and essential for the creation and maintenance of DNA and other genetic material. It is essential for the breakdown of homocysteine, an amino acid that, in excessive concentrations, can have negative effects on the body. Folate is essential during times of rapid growth, such as during pregnancy and fetal development, and is also required to generate healthy red blood cells. It is particularly important to get enough folate during pregnancy.

Belta Folic Acid

You might not know which folic acid supplement is ideal for you because there are so many on the market. Luckily for you, Belta Folic Acid exists.

BELTA’s folic acid supplement is particularly well-liked in Japan, and it was created through research when staff members and Belta customers who had given birth to children combined their requirements. 


BELTA’s folic acid supplement helps increase the chances of pregnancy as it aids fertility by regenerating DNA cells that cooperate with fetal development. Folic acid-containing multivitamins increase a woman’s likelihood of ovulating (producing eggs). According to earlier research, women who were trying to get pregnant had somewhat increased pregnancy rates while using folic acid supplements.

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