Growth and Development of a One-Year-Old: How Do You Balance Work and Childcare?

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When your child turns one year old, many of you may feel that the year has gone by in a flash. In just one year, a baby who was once just sleeping in your arms is now walking on his own and saying words that make sense.


From now on, one-year-olds will continue to make even greater progress toward toddlerhood. In this article, we will discuss the growth of the one-year-old child and the important points to keep in mind.

Language development and improvement

Around one year of age, about 60% of babies will be able to say meaningful words such as “mama” and “dada”. On the flip side, about 40% are still unable to say meaningful words.

Therefore, many mothers and fathers may think that their children do not understand words yet. However, around the age of one, babies gradually begin to understand the words of their mothers and fathers even if they do not say them. Some babies will start “talking” to you, saying “please give me more” and “please” with gestures that match the words they are saying.

Babies will be able to use their own words while listening to their mothers’ and fathers’ words. Especially around the age of one, both the ears and brain are sensitive to words coming in from the outside in preparation for language acquisition.

Since they understand language better than their parents think they do, it is important to talk to them more actively than ever before. It is also recommended that you read to your baby picture books that interest him or her.

After maternity leave, there is a lot of anxiety! Is it safe to leave my child in daycare?

Based on a survey, 82.2% of all women took childcare leave, with the largest number (31.3%) taking leave for a period of less than 10 to 12 months. This indicates that most working women take childcare leave and return to work around the time their child turns one year old.

Many mothers must be anxious about returning to work and balancing childcare and housework after having devoted their days to their babies. Based on my experience of having given birth twice and returning to work afterwards, I would like to share with you that you should know about returning to work.

Can I leave my child at daycare even if he/she is still breastfed?

Many mothers who are leaving their children at daycare centers for the first time may wonder, “Can I leave my child at a daycare center even though he/she has not yet finished from breastfeeding?” However, there is no problem even if your child is around one year old and has not finished it yet.

Nursery schools provide baby food suited to the stage of the baby’s development, and milk can be used to supplement the amount of food that is lacking. Many daycare centers will use frozen breast milk.

For example, here’s one case that one woman left her child at a daycare center was when she was 9 months old. 

Of course, she had not completed weaning and loved breast milk, so the mom remembers feeling very anxious. In fact, within the first few days of leaving her at the daycare, she refused to take a bottle and hardly drank any milk…

Children have an amazing ability to adapt. Even if they are reluctant and cry for a few days although they will naturally learn to use the bottle. We know you may be anxious about many things, but there are professionals in childcare at daycare centers. You can leave it to them with peace of mind.

However, mothers who have been breastfeeding their children are more likely to develop mastitis. The amount of breast milk secretion naturally decreases, but if your breasts become tense, please squeeze milk to get over it.

 I’m worried about my child getting sick at daycare!


One of the most common problems that is likely to occur when you start sending your child to daycare is a sudden fever. Babies who have spent most of their lives at home and gone out only in limited places have not developed immunity against viruses and bacteria.

For this reason, they often catch colds and other illnesses as soon as they start living in a group. Working mothers have experienced being called away from daycare due to a sudden fever or being unable to go to work in the morning.

In order to be prepared for such a situation, it is advisable to discuss with your family in advance about where to pick up and drop off your child when he or she is sick.


When your baby turns one-year-old, your lifestyle or working style may start changing. And things you may need to concern come up one after another. If so, you need to talk with your partner or family to get over this moment.

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