Goodbye Labor Pain: This Method Makes Natural Childbirth Easy!

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What kind of image do you have in mind about birth? A mother restrained on the birth table, fighting pain while medical staff assist and cheer her – is there not a lot of people who have the same imagination?

The more we listen to the stories about childbirth, and every time we hear that “Labor pain is 50 times the pain of food poisoning!”, or “My birth is more painful than putting out watermelon from the nose!”, or “A perineal incision is nothing..” – the dread of giving birth intensifies.

For some mothers who are giving birth for the first time, the worry about pain is greater than the expectation and excitement to finally meet their babies.

Although there is an option to use anesthesia to suppress the pain, it leads one to worry about its effects. Many mothers who want to give birth the natural way often have conflicting thoughts because they are worried about the pain but, at the same time, hate to resort to medical care.

However, there is a childbirth method to relieve pain without resorting to medical measures, that will fulfill the wishes of many mothers.

In this article, we will introduce the painless birthing method called “hypno birth” or “hypnobirthing”. Read on to know more details.

What is “Hypno Birth”?

Recently, a birthing method incorporating yoga and the Chinese “Gottlieb method” for childbirth relieves and/or suppresses pain without resorting to drugs when giving birth in a free and easy posture, such as standing up or on all fours in a bath, “water birth” method in a pool with a temperature close to the temperature of amniotic fluid, etc.

Among these methods, “hypnobirthing” is also attracting a lot of attention now.

When you hear about “hypnosis”, you might have a negative impression and get suspicious.

However, hypnobirthing is a baby preparation program for mothers and babies in order to gently and calmly give birth through deep relaxation and breathing or imaging. “Hypnosis” means “deep relaxation” and one can look forward to giving birth to relax and talk.

America’s leading hypnotherapist, Marie Mongan, wanted to give birth in a gentle and calm way without pain, and without using anesthesia.

Even Princess Catherine, and Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba are advocates. It is certainly possible to give a natural birth without relying on medical measures; hypnobirthing is popular among many mothers in Europe and the US.

Why is there no pain?

If you have anxiety or fear in giving birth, you will tend to tense your muscles.

In hypno versing, the therapy removes anxiety about childbirth and prepares you to welcome the baby with a calm feeling. Also, it will repeatedly train your consciousness to maintain a deep relaxation mode. Then during the process, the natural birthing ability which the woman possesses is drawn out, so that at the time of birth, it seems that the soothing effect of the brain substance called dynorphin, which is 200 times more effective than morphine, is secreted which causes you not to feel pain.

According to the impression of mother who actually experienced hypnobirthing:

“Although labor came, and I panicked for a moment, I remembered and practiced the breathing method and immediately the pain was relieved. The nurse was surprised and I was told that the gentle birth was impressive”.

Have a baby with your partner in mind

It is indispensable for hypno versing to have a partner, such as your husband or witness, present.

In the case of general birth, many of the partners end up waiting alone for the child to come out. But in hypnobirthing, it will be the host’s role to put the mom in deep relaxation mode.

Also, it is said that hypnobirthing strengthens the connection between a couple and their families, because they can talk about releasing anxiety about childbirth, practice voice calls, massage, etc. from pregnancy to childbirth.

A husband who remains beside his wife who is suffering from labor is also a common scenario. However, in hypno versing, it is possible to have a childbirth wrapped with a sense of security, by the husband, who will share the pain during pregnancy and encouraged to support the body and mind. For a couple to share a mysterious and joyful moment is a perfectly happy birth.

Training of “Hypno versing” therapy

Nonetheless, some training is necessary to get rid of anxiety about childbirth and to obtain a deep relaxation mode.

A pregnant woman wishing for hypnobirthing under the guidance of a licensed hypnotherapist will acquire the concept of “communicating with the baby during pregnancy, and that there is joy in birth and maternity life” together with her partner.

You can’t just take hyonobirthing without training. For the safety and your baby, take the lessons and you will be fine.

The training includes image training of childbirth, exercise of breathing method and relaxation, opening the subconscious mind, birth plan, role of the partner, relax touches applied by the partner at birth, releasing cerebral anxiety, etc. – and is a total of 12-15 class hours.

In addition, one also learns how to navigate through the necessary procedures with the hospital so it seems a helpful reference for the best way to communicate with your midwife and choosing your maternity hospital.

Hypnobirthing may be very useful at the time of preparing to welcome new family members in childbirth. But if you think about it, that may not be its only purpose if it can make possible birth without pain.


Hypno versing can bring a calm birth with your partner and a deeply relaxed consciousness, without pain and without any medical measures.

We are sharing this method of childbirth with those who have a strong fear of pain, because it eliminates the concept that “childbirth is painful”, releases uneasiness and worry about birth, and makes one view childbirth with a positive attitude.

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