Getting Through A Pregnancy Scare

No matter how sure you are that you have had protected sex, the moment that your monthly period is delayed, it’s normal to get a little nervous. Worse, you are entirely aware that you did not have protected sex. Will you still be a little shocked by the consequence? Nevertheless, it’s normal to do many things that would either prove if you are pregnant or not.

We all have personal preferences, and it is valid to either want to or not want to get pregnant. If you feel like your actions and consequences do not align quite well with your preference, any reaction from you is valid – be it sad, emotional, exhausted, angry, or panicked, we get it! 

Luckily for you, we have many factors you should consider before assuming you are pregnant. We also have the aftereffects action you can do as you get through a pregnancy scare!

Pregnancy scares refer to situations wherein a woman who wants to avoid pregnancy thinks she is pregnant but later finds out she is not. National surveys show that more than half of young women have a pregnancy scare.

Pregnancy Scare or Pregnancy Panic? 

If you fear the possibility of pregnancy, you should consider rethinking its feasibility! Could you be pregnant, or is this a natural occurrence that you’re overthinking just because you know you had a steamy session before your current situation? you’You must consider many things before jumping to the conclusion that you indeed are pregnant, which leads you to be deemed to have a pregnancy scare. Let’s try let’s into some of them:

Did You Even Have Sex? 

Humans do not commit to asexual reproduction. So, let us say your period is delayed. You can conclude a lot of things from there. But before you even reach the pregnancy assumption, ask yourself: did you even do something about your fertility? Maybe… you have an irregular menstrual cycle. 

  • What’s a regular cycle?
  • What’s an irregular?

If you did not have any sexual interaction before your current dilemma of a delayed period, then you’re safeyou’repregnancy. That does not mark you safe from other girl problems, either! It is imperative to check with your doctor why you’re not on your period at the right time despite having no sexual intercourse. That could lead to severe menstrual disorders and reproductive health concerns. 

You Had Sex! When? 

Okay, now you are 100% sure you had sex. But consider this: when?

Was it during your ovulation period, a day or two before or following your period? As you see, even if you have unprotected sex, you should be mindful of the ovulation symptoms, which will assist you in determining the risk of pregnancy after unprotected sex. 

There is a calendar people watch out for in adhering to fertility for increasing pregnancy. Once you get a hold of that idea, ask yourself when you last had sex! Is it within the time frame of your fertile window, or has time passed the last time even to consider it a pregnancy scare

You Had Sex! How? 

Now that you know when you had sex, recall how you did it! 

With or without a condom? Did you do it while on pills, or did you do it with a missed day? How you did it and the internal and external factors that revolve around it are crucial in deciding if what you’re goinyou’reugh is a pregnancy scare or maybe… just a spur-of-the-moment panic? 

There are various ways to avoid getting pregnant while having sex; we have contraceptives to aid with that. So before you tell yourself that you have a significyou’rentpregnancy scare, do remember if you missed any pills, forgotten any scheduled drip, or have other concerns regarding unrecalled contraception techniques. Otherwise, I guess that is a pregnancy scare

Any Medical Diagnoses? 

While having reproductive issues are nothing near a blessing, you may want to rethink if you are diagnosed with any. Some diseases, like PCOS, make it difficult for women to conceive. Hence, your pregnancy scare may be, or in some way, eased at the thought that you are incapable of conception or have it difficult compared to the others who are vulnerable to pregnancy. 

Nevertheless, having delayed menstruation due to these reasons or medical issues are not something you should be confident or compliant with. It may keep you away from pregnancy scares, but more dangerous consequences lie within it. 

Any signs? Symptoms, perhaps? 

After recalling all the past factors that may have affected and brought on your present problem, you now have to consider feeling yourself and internalizing if there are symptoms of early pregnancy happening within your body!

You may start looking out for a few obvious ones, namely: 

  • morning sickness
  • smell sensitivity
  • food cravings
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • tender and swollen breasts
  • increased urination
  • constipation 

So… are you pregnant? 

It does not matter how sure or unsure you are; all the factors above can only help you upon assuming your condition. Still, there is only one way to validate or invalidate your pregnancy scare: through a pregnancy test. 

You pee on a stick to perform a pregnancy test, which is a quick and reliable way to determine whether you are pregnant. They are affordable and accessible at the majority of pharmacies and supermarkets.

But remember, a home pregnancy test shouldn’t be donshouldn’tthe first day of your missed period.

Probably not enough human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone, will have accumulated in your body for the test to pick it up. Wait until one week after your anticipated period to get the best results.

Summing It All Up 

It is normal not to know what to feel when situations like pregnancy scare come your way. It is also normal and valid to react simultaneously and feel so much simultaneously.

However, it is imperative to constantly pause, breathe, and rethink the probability of pregnancy: does your past action and your present experiences sum up to the conclusion of pregnancy, or are it just a glitch in your reproductive health?

Either way, medical professionals exist for consultation, and one of the best advice we can give is to go to them when things like this happen.

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