Eating This Vegetable Boosts Your Chances of Pregnancy!


Motherhood or parenthood is, ideally, an unparalleled experience of love, devotion, and sacrifice. While some may have gotten into the journey blind and unsure, others are determined to catch the train against all odds.

For those who want to experience this special kind of joy in raising children, you must remember that the creation of life in a woman’s body begins before you even have intercourse, as both parents’ health plays a very important role in the baby’s future.

Today, we will focus on garlic, a known fertility booster for men and women.

Using Garlic to Boost One’s Fertility

Some men and women nowadays are having difficulties in getting pregnant due to various issues. But studies have shown that eating a certain vegetable can help improve one’s fertility levels. 

Among the vegetables out there, garlic is a spicy vegetable known to stimulate ovulation and raise potency in men. Garlic also contains vitamins that prevent damage to chromosomes.

Read on to learn about its many benefits and consumption for fertility and pregnancy.

How to Consume Garlic for Fertility

Sumerians (2600-2100 BC) are known to have utilized the healing properties of garlic and spread it all over Asia. It is one of the most used remedies since ancient times in Egypt, China, India, Arabia, etc.

  1. Raw Garlic and Pregnancy

In order to be effective for ovulation, consume 1 to 2 cloves of raw garlic daily. You may choose to eat it as it is but if the smell bothers you, you may consume it with lemon. Still, there are recipes for preparing garlic to make the odor tolerable. More about that later.

  1. Fertility

Garlic increases male and female potency by purifying the blood and improving blood flow to the pelvis.

  1. Garlic Contains 3 important Vitamins that Keep Sperms Healthy.

Selenium and B6 – aids in healthy sperm production.

Vitamin C – studies have shown that after 2 months of taking 1000mg of vitamin C daily, sperm motility and sperm count increased by almost 100%!

Glutathione – is known as the “master antioxidant’. It helps keep eggs and sperm healthy by shielding them from damage.

But I still don’t know what to do with garlic. I’m not a good cook as well. Can you help me with this?

Sure. There are simple ways to include garlic in your meals.

Easy Garlic Recipes

In this section, we provide you some quick and easy garlic recipes based on some online references. Please keep on reading!

  1. Garlic with Nuts

Mix 100 gms cooked garlic, 300 gm ground walnuts, 100 gm hazelnuts, 1 kg honey, and 50 gms Rhodiola Rosea roots.

Take one tablespoon once daily after meals.


  1. Garlic and Honey tea

Clear garlic pod of skin and steep in boiling water. Add honey, and serve as tea.


  1. Garlic-vodka infusion

Grind a kilo of garlic and mix with vodka. Keep in a dark place for a week.

Drink a teaspoon daily before meals.


More Ways to Eat Garlic!

Below are some additional ways that you can do with garlic to level up your nutrition levels especially your chances of pregnancy.

  • 1. Add raw garlic to the soup after heating the soup to avoid loss of vitamins.
  • 2. Add crushed garlic to the salad.
  • 3. Grind garlic and spread it over buttered bread.
  • 4. Add 2 cloves and blend into your fruit shake.


Although there are many reasons why it may be difficult for some women to conceive, it always helps to maintain a body fit for child-rearing. The earlier one becomes conscious of his or her food choices and develops the habit of healthy eating, the better the chances of getting pregnant, and more importantly, bearing a healthy child.

Garlic is an ancient remedy used for different purposes. Incorporate this vegetable in your daily diet to maintain productive health and increase your chances of pregnancy.

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