Drinking Alcohol in Pregnancy

No Smoking While Pregnancy

It is often said that drinking during pregnancy is not good. Many women refrain from drinking when pregnant. Even those who drank alcohol at a very early stage and were not aware of their pregnancy may feel anxious about how the baby is affected.

Also, some people may not be able to quit drinking after pregnancy. Please refer to this article to find out why drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not good.

About Drinking Early in Pregnancy

Early pregnancy means 0 weeks to 15 weeks of pregnancy. Since the 0th week of pregnancy is after the end of the last menstrual period, pregnancy is not actually established, but it is the starting point of calculation.

Many people notice pregnancy about 4 weeks to 7 weeks of pregnancy. The pregnancy test can be made even in the obstetrics and gynecology department just when the positive reaction occurs with the pregnancy test drug. You may not notice immediately if you have menstrual irregularities, but most people will notice pregnancy by around 15 weeks.

Drank Alcohol Before I Knew I Was Pregnant: Is My Baby Okay?

There are no major problems, but before discovering about your pregnancy the placenta may not have been made and blood may not have been fed to the baby.

However, it’s not that research results have not been published because there is no significant impact. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we teach that even drinking alcohol during the early pregnancy may affect the fetus.

When Should I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

It is better to stop from the day you wish to get pregnant, but at least stop drinking right away when pregnancy is known. It is because it is already 4 weeks to 7 weeks of pregnancy when it is possible to know pregnancy by the pregnancy test.

If you drink every day, it may be hard for you to quit drinking, however, if you want to have a baby, stop it as soon as possible.

This is a time when the baby’s body organs are being built up one after another, although no nutrition is being delivered through the blood.

Effects of Drinking Alcohol on the Fetus

Then, what would happen to your baby if you keep drinking? Or you didn’t stop drinking in the early pregnancy?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition that causes alcohol to affect the fetus and slows the growth of the brain, resulting in impaired language and learning ability.

It is believed that the level of fetal alcohol syndrome is low when you drink about one glass of alcohol. However, the safety standard is not clear whether it is ok to drink more than two glasses or if it is okay to drink every other day. First of all, there are individual differences in the ability to break down alcohol.

The risk is particularly high for people who are vulnerable to alcohol. It’s safe to say that you don’t eat alcohol, even if it’s a relationship or bite.

Malformation, premature baby, developmental disorder, etc.

There are other effects of drinking on the fetus. These include malformations, premature infants, and developmental disorders. It is said that the probability of miscarriage and stillbirth is also high.

The reason for this is that babies are not immune to alcohol, and it takes a long time to drain alcohol from their bodies through moms. So to speak, the baby will be drunk for a longer time than the mom who drank the alcohol.

How much alcohol is acceptable while pregnant?

For women who like alcohol, there are many who think that they better drink now because they can always quit after pregnancy. However, some people seem to be unable to quit drinking even if they are already pregnant.

Some obstetrics and gynecologists say that a small amount of alcohol is OK. It is advisable to drink moderately rather than accumulate stress and turning to alcohol for relief. Still, daily drinking is not good, and once a week, it is necessary to limit it to 1 glass.

In any case, it is not recommended to drink alcohol in order to have a safe pregnancy life and childbirth. Be sure to check with your doctor.


Drinking early in pregnancy is not considered a major problem. However, it is not good for mothers to be careless with their diet. Stop drinking right away and spend a healthy and relaxed pregnancy life for your baby.

A lot of delicious non-alcoholic products are available, so you can try that instead.

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