Does Morning Sickness Disappear After 10 Weeks of Pregnancy?


Upon reaching the 10th week of pregnancy, the feeling of becoming a mother is made much clearer to you. It is also a time when morning sickness either gets worse or better, as there are individual factors.

This article will explain in more detail the things that may happen after the 10th week of pregnancy.

Is there any Problems when you have morning sickness?

You may be worried if you have severe morning sickness, thinking that “is there something wrong with my baby?” or “did I do something bad?”. However, having morning sickness is common and normal. And it’s not medically proven that why pregnant women have morning sickness.

I have severe morning sickness and I feel tired and worried…

Most of you may be worried about having severe morning sickness. But, don’t worry about it too much since it’s normal thing.

What kind of week is the 10th week of pregnancy?

The 10th week of pregnancy is when the baby shows obvious signs of development, and the size of the uterus grows to about the fist of a woman. Some women’s bellies become a little bigger while others don’t change so much that you can’t see any difference. However, even if you can’t see any changes, if you touch the lower abdomen, you should be able to feel the presence of the baby much more than before.

In addition, it’s also a time when you have to be especially careful as it’s called “the challenge of the 10th week of pregnancy”.

Is Morning Sickness Better on the 10th week of Pregnancy?

You might feel relieved to know that morning sickness is usually almost gone around the 16th week. It could start to gradually disappear on the 10th week, though there may be individual differences.

It’s a time when it gets worse for some and gets better for others.

Morning sickness usually starts around 4-6 weeks, where the 10th week is the typical peak. After the 10th week of pregnancy, it usually gets better for most women.

No one knows the exact reason why morning sickness gets worse or better. Most pregnant women get worried because they usually have no idea when it is going to disappear and for how long they need to suffer it. And if one constantly thinks about morning sickness, it causes stress as well. As a result, morning sickness may get worse because of stress.

Therefore, it’s smart to relax and change your mood, go out with your friends, go walking, or shopping, and so on.

How can you Release Morning Sickness?

So even if you know that morning sickness is eventually going to disappear, you really can’t do anything while you have it. And if it’s really bad, it could affect all aspects of your daily life, as well as your health as it may cause undernourishment and dehydration.

It’s good to eat fresh fruits such as citrus and plums to alleviate morning sickness symptoms. Foods that contain vitamin B6 such as bananas, tomatoes, and ginger are also effective in making morning sickness better.

What you shouldn’t do is to allow yourself to go hungry because you can’t eat anything. Whenever you find it difficult to eat anything, you normally wouldn’t try, right? However, if you get hungry, morning sickness will worsen. Prepare something by your side that you can readily eat as soon as you feel hungry, and keep yourself hydrated as well.


The 10th week of pregnancy is the time of significant changes for you and your baby, and when morning sickness either gets worse or better. It is best not to worry in order to avoid stress and making morning sickness even worse. So don’t get upset, relax and keep yourself nourished for your sake and your baby’s health.

Our next article will introduce what will happen on the 10th week of pregnancy.

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