Does Female Masturbation Cause Infertility?

does female masturbation cause inferility

Self pleasure is one of the nastiest yet best things you can do. But, does female masturbation cause infertility or is it a way to get pregnant easily? Female masturbation does a lot of things to the body, corresponding to the hormones of a want and a need of a woman. This way, the question begs: does female masturbation cause infertility? With all the internal factors involved, what does it truly do?

How does female masturbation affect hormone levels? 

Your body may release a healthy amount of particular hormones as a result of masturbation. These hormones are what make masturbation enjoyable and calming.

Among these hormones are:

  • Dopamine. Dopamine is connected to your brain’s reward system and is referred to as one of the “happy hormones.”
  • Endorphins. Endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, also help you feel happier and less stressed.
  • Oxytocin. This hormone, also known as the “love hormone,” is frequently linked to social bonding.
  • Testosterone. Sexual endurance and arousal can be increased by the hormone testosterone, which is released during sex and masturbation.
  • Prolactin. Prolactin, a hormone involved in lactation, also has an impact on your mood and immune system.

How does it affect ovulation?

When an egg is released from your ovary, ovulation takes place. The fallopian tube is where the egg “waits” to become fertilized.

This egg will implant in the uterus and become pregnant if sperm cells successfully fertilize it. The egg travels through the vagina if it is not fertilized.

Ejaculation frequently happens as a result of orgasming in those with penises. This is the release of semen, which is necessary for fertilization and contains sperm cells.

However, an orgasm is not necessary for ovulation to occur. If you have egg cells in your uterus, orgasming won’t cause them to be expelled from your body the way ejaculation does.

How does it affect menstruation?

Anecdotally, many people have reported that masturbating starts menstrual bleeding, albeit this only occurs when your period is about to start.

However, this hasn’t been properly investigated, thus it’s unclear why this occurs.

Masturbation can help lessen the discomfort brought on by menstrual cramps and muscle tension because it can trigger the production of endorphins, a naturally occurring painkiller.

Additionally, many people use masturbation as a natural mood booster while they are menstruating.

What do we know about how it affects implantation and fertilization?

A sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell to cause conception. Contrary to what you might think, this actually takes place in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus.

The sperm cell must travel to the fallopian tube in order to fertilize the egg by breaking through the outer membrane. This means that in order to ensure that the egg is prepared for fertilization, ovulation must occur first.

An egg that has been successfully fertilized then travels to the uterus and implants there. It, therefore, adheres to the uterine wall.

Between 6 and 12 days after ovulation and 8 to 9 days following conception, implantation takes place.

Occasionally, fertilized eggs do not implant in the uterine wall. An ectopic pregnancy, also known as the cell implanting, can occur in the fallopian tube lining.

In other instances, the fertilized cell may enter the uterus and exit the vagina without implanting.

What does this indicate about your general fertility?

Fertility is not affected by masturbation. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, there could be another reason.

Your general health, reproductive issues (such polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS]), and certain lifestyle choices may be included in this.

It’s important to remember that masturbating while pregnant is normally okay, it might cause issues in high-risk pregnancies.

Your physician might advise against having sex, for instance, if:

  • either you are displaying preterm labor symptoms or you have a history of preterm labor
  • you have a placenta previa or an ineffective cervix, according to your diagnosis
  • you’ve bled internally


Simply put, no. Your fertility is unaffected in any way by masturbation.

Infertility is the subject of numerous misconceptions. Some individuals think that masturbation can result in infertility. However, masturbation has no effect on your ability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term regardless of your genitalia, gender, or age. In actuality, provided it isn’t done excessively, masturbating can be advantageous, healthful, and enjoyable.