Did You Know That Bleeding Does Not Always Mean That You Are Not Get Pregnant?


As we already know, menstruation is always a cause for disappointment for those who want to have a child. However, before we completely give in to the impossibility of conceiving a child, let us learn about two types of bleeding – one of which indicates pregnancy. 

Is there no possibility of pregnancy when you have menstruation?

There are many women who are surprised to find out that they are pregnant because they have recently had their ‘period’. 

It’s strange to get pregnant even though you’ve just had  menstruation, right??  Well, there are actually many factors other than menstruation that may cause bleeding.  It may be necessary to check other symptoms in order to tell whether you are experiencing bleeding because of your period or not.  

Pregnancy and Menstruation

Before explaining the mysterious experience of being pregnant when you have menstruation, you need to understand why menstruation occurs in the first place and what the menstrual cycle is. we will also explain the mechanism of pregnancy.

When do you have menstruation?

Women have a menstrual cycle. Although there are individual differences, the cycle is about one month. The menstrual cycle is divided into four periods.

The “follicular stage” is the period when the atomic follicle that is the source of the ovum grows in either the left or right ovary, and the follicle hormone is secreted in the uterus to thicken the endometrium.

During the “ovulation period”, the ovum that emerges from the grown atomic follicle is taken into the fallopian tube, where it waits for sperm.

After ovulation, it becomes the “luteal stage” and luteinizing hormone is secreted from the corpus luteum (the follicle has changed). Luteinizing hormone increases the thickness of the endometrium to make it easier to implant fertilized eggs. If the ovum does not meet the sperm, the secretion of the two hormones gradually decreases, and the endometrium that is no longer needed peels off and goes out of the body with the blood.

 This is menstruation.

What is the mechanism of pregnancy?

Let’s take a look at the mechanism of pregnancy.

Until the luteal stage, the reproductive cycle continues as always until menstruation. After that, if the egg and sperm meet, they will fertilize and become a fertilized egg. The fertilized egg grows while the cell divides and multiples.,  When it reaches the uterus, it lands on the endometrium. This is “pregnancy”. When you get pregnant, the endometrium is responsible for protecting the baby while its shape changes until the time of delivery.

Even when you think that you know everything about pregnancy and menstruation, it’s not always 100%. Therefore, it’s better to be open-minded to know many things.

Relationship between menstruation, pregnancy and bleeding

If you don’t get pregnant, the endometrium is not needed. It gets ‘peeled off’  and goes out of your body as menstruation. On the other hand, if you get pregnant, the endometrium stays.

If you experience bleeding, thinking that it’s   ‘menstruation’, but you got pregnant – this means that the bleeding that you’ve just had it not the discarded endometrium. In other words, it is not menstruation. Understand that the cause of bleeding is not only menstruation.

Is it similar to menstruation? What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

The symptoms in early pregnancy are very similar to PMS, or  those symptoms of discomfort before and during menstruation. This may also be one of the causes of misunderstanding that made you think that you did not get pregnant because you’ve just had  menstruation. How similar are the symptoms of early pregnancy to those before and during menstruation? 

Bleeding during menstruation and in early pregnancy

Some women have experienced bleeding like menstruation for about 5 days. Although there was very little blood, it lasted for about the same number of days as normal menstruation, causing confusion.  Because upon checking with the doctor the following month,   you may already be on your 10th week of pregnancy – which means that the bleeding the previous month was not menstruation. 

Bleeding in early pregnancy often occurs at the same time  as your monthly menstruation which may easily be mistaken for your regular period. There are various causes for this.


Genital bleeding may also be mistaken for menstruation.   It may be implantation bleeding due to pregnancy, or imminent miscarriage. During periods of menstruation and miscarriage, basal body temperature decreases. However, it remains at  high temperature if you are pregnant due to implantation bleeding.

Therefore, if you take your basal body temperature regularly, you can confirm pregnancy by your body temperature, if you are unsure about the cause of bleeding. 

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