Concerns with Weight and Weaning of a 5-month-old Baby Part 1

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Babies grow at an incredible rate every day, and by the time they are five months old, they weigh about twice as much as they did at birth. From the frail appearance of a newborn, it is hard to imagine how much larger they will become, and their motor skills and emotional development will also continue to improve.

Many of them have mastered turning over and are practicing sitting up. Here, we will discuss the growth of a 5-month-old baby and the important points to keep in mind in daily life.

Growth of a 5-month-old baby

At the age of 5 months, the number of babies who have mastered turning over and rolling over is increasing, and their range of activities is expanding dramatically. Curiosity is also on the rise, and when they see something that catches their interest, they move toward it at a surprisingly fast pace. On the other hand, there will be more situations that make parents nervous, such as “hitting his head on the corner of a piece of furniture” or “almost swallowing a toy.”

Babies at this age are making great strides toward walking on their own at around one year of age. Although there will be more frustrating moments because you will not be able to take your eyes off your baby, it is important to be involved in supporting your baby’s growth.

Weight and body shape of a 5-month-old baby

Babies gain about 30 grams of weight per day during the newborn period, but after five months of age, their growth speed gradually slows down.

On the other hand, the baby’s activity level increases rapidly as he or she is able to turn over and crawl on his or her own. Many babies become slimmer and slimmer as their arms and legs begin to gain muscle mass.

If you are concerned that your baby may have lost some weight, please check his or her weight. In most cases, the weight itself has not changed much, even if the baby’s body shape has slimmed down due to muscle gain. Even if the baby has lost some weight, it is unlikely to be a problem as long as the baby is drinking as much breast milk or formula as before and playing happily.

When to start weaning your 5-month-old baby

The biggest event in the 5-month-old period is the start of weaning. This is an important growth stage for babies who have only had breast milk, formula, tea, and other liquids to practice eating. Preparing unfamiliar baby food in the midst of a hectic child-rearing schedule can be a challenge, but please try to overcome it while imagining the scene of sitting around the dinner table with your grown child.

Generally, the timing for starting baby food is around 5 to 6 months of age. The timing also varies from baby to baby, but if your baby begins to show interest in food or drool more, it is considered the right time to start weaning. Watch your baby’s condition and start at the timing that is best for him or her.

The best timing cannot be measured by age alone. Focusing too much on the age of the child may lead to premature weaning for the child. If you start weaning too early, your baby may develop an aversion to food. Please be sure to determine when to start weaning according to your baby’s pace.


When you have a first baby, there are many new things happening to you. You may not know how to handle it but take it easy and don’t compare your baby to others. You and your baby have its own pace.

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