Causes and Remedy for Nausea of ​​Tooth Brushing During Pregnancy

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“I feel sick just by brushing my teeth.”
“I feel nauseous when I put my toothbrush in my mouth.”

This is a typical symptom of those who have trouble with toothpaste and tooth brushing during pregnancy.

Does it make you feel sick to brush your teeth or cleanse your mouth? There are surprisingly many pregnant women who suffer from tooth brushing.

While there may be women who cannot brush their teeth due to morning sickness, it is not recommended to go without brushing your teeth whether you are pregnant or not.

This article will present methods to resolve the morning sickness caused by toothpaste or tooth brushing.

What is Tooth brushing?

Tooth brushing could be one of the causes of morning sickness during pregnancy. Of course, morning sickness and symptoms vary greatly between pregnant women, so tooth brushing or your toothpaste may not be the only reason.

There may be pregnant women who think that they should allow themselves to go without brushing their teeth because it makes them sick. However, it is said that during pregnancy, a woman is prone to tooth decay due to the influence of hormonal balance.

To put it simply, to spend your pregnancy days without brushing, even for a short period of time, is not recommended because it increases the risk of dental caries.

Measures to be taken to brush teeth daily

In this section, we provide you an informative guide about the right measures to be performed when brushing your teeth daily. Read the points below carefully!

Brush with water and toothbrush only

Many women who suffer with morning sickness often have nausea if toothpaste of mint flavor is taken in the mouth.

Recommended for those who do not like the smell of toothpaste is to brush teeth with water alone without toothpaste on toothbrush.

If you can thoroughly brush your teeth, you can prevent tooth decay without using toothpaste. However, make sure to keep your toothbrush clean so as not to be covered with germs.

Replace your toothpaste

If you feel sick because of the mint taste, why not try changing to another scented toothpaste to suppress nausea?

Also we recommend unscented toothpaste. There are many options available in the market – from non-additive to natural variants.

 Switch to a compact toothbrush

Sometimes the cause of nausea from tooth brushing is not necessarily toothpaste mint. There are cases when a toothbrush feels hard on the throat or tongue and that makes you feel nauseous whenever you put your toothbrush in your mouth.

In this case, changing the size of the toothbrush to a smaller one is recommended. Try a small compact type for the head part of the brush similar to the small type for children.

Because the head size is smaller, the area touching the tongue and mouth becomes smaller and the feeling of sore throat is somewhat reduced.

Mouth wash, gum, etc.

If it is difficult to brush your teeth, this can at least help a little with reducing your risk for developing dental caries. Use a mouthwash, mouth rinse liquid, or a xylitol formulated gum if a toothpaste and a toothbrush makes you sick and cannot help with cleaning your teeth and mouth.

Pinch your nose and brush your teeth

A surprisingly simple and effective way is to pinch your nose. It may be uncomfortable to pinch your nose while brushing your teeth, but you can finish tooth brushing without feeling the toothpaste or suffering bad breath.

However, it is quite difficult to breathe while brushing your mouth. Do it in short intervals so you can breathe.

It may take time to get used to this method, because if you inadvertently swallow toothpaste or saliva in your mouth it could make you feel bad.

Devote time and place for toothbrushing

It is common to brush your teeth after meals. However, with a full stomach condition after meals you may have a slight nausea that makes you spit unexpectedly.

So brush your teeth and choose the time of day when you are in the best condition to do it.

Also, there is a possibility that the smelly washroom might affect your mood, so why not try searching for a relaxing place where you can brush your teeth such as the kitchen, a bath, or a veranda.


Pregnancy is a very sensitive period for many women and it is not unimaginable to feel sick because of tooth brushing.

Morning sickness will surely be over but it will be difficult to spend months without doing any tooth brushing. Please refer to the countermeasures introduced in this article and strive to manage.

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