Pre-Pregnancy Nursing Care and Post-Pregnancy Effects

Becoming a parent is an exhilarating and life-changing experience. However, it's important to remember that pregnan...

Optimization of Maternity Leave in the Philippines

Maternity leave is a right given to female workers after birth for their recovery and personal healthcare.

Safe Sex During Pregnancy: Measures and Precautions

If you feel pain, do not be embarrassed to bring it up with your partner. Remember that communication is always important!

Should You Avoid Bananas During Pregnancy? How, When, and Whys

While there may be some disadvantages associated with eating bananas during pregnancy, the advantages far outweigh them.

To Eat or Not To Eat? Lychee During Pregnancy

Incorporating lychee into your diet can provide you with numerous health benefits during pregnancy but it should always be consumed in moderation.
Mental Health Care

How To Handle Pregnant Wife’s Mood Swings

Mood swings are only one of the many difficulties that pregnant women face. Pregnant women often experience extremes of ...

Discussion of Uncontrollable Pregnancy Anger

While expecting a child is a joyful and emotional experience, it is not without its difficulties. Menstruating women oft...

Recommended Pregnancy Vitamins for Pregnant Women

Do you want to give your unborn child the finest possible start in life and you're an expecting mother? Prenatal vitamin...

Pregnancy Spotting vs Period: Understanding The Difference, Causes, and Risks

Blood is as simple as a req liquid. But what does it mean, exactly? Pregnancy spotting vs period? Here's what we can find out today!

Dealing With Smelly Discharge During Pregnancy: 5 Tips To Help You Stay Fresh and Clean

Learn how to treat smelly discharge during pregnancy. Smelly discharge during pregnancy may be due to hormonal changes, stress, or diet.
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