Body and Exercise

Body and Exercise

Women and Men: Different Observational Body Changes

The body constantly develops as life goes by. Are you sure that you are developing just right? Take a sight of the normal growth of a person!
Body and Exercise

Maternity Yoga: The Benefits, What to Avoid, and The Best Poses for Strength and Relief

If you’re in the family way, you might be thinking of a way to stay fit, and at the same time, keep the child in your tu...
Beauty & Wellness

Farewell Elephant Legs! How to Reduce Leg Swelling During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience swelling in the legs especially during the middle to the late pregnancy. Today, we wil...
Body and Exercise

What is “Vaginal Visualization”? Why is It Important for Vaginal Training After Childbirth?

To deal with something, you must first know what it looks like. You can do that by visualization. Here's how you visualize your vagina and the reason why.
Body and Exercise

Why Am I Gaining Weight After Giving Birth? Tips for Losing Weight after Pregnancy

"I grow fat because I am too busy growing up my child." This statement is often heard from mothers. Why is it easy to...
Body and Exercise

Pregnancy & Labor Massage

I can hardly wait for the day when I can finally see the baby whenever I see a woman's stomach growing day by day. On...
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