Can You Tell The Baby’s Gender on The 10th Week of Pregnancy?


In the early pregnancy, you may not feel that you are about to become a mother. However, because of the significant changes that you and the baby will go through on the 10th week of pregnancy, the realization of motherhood is made clear to you.

This article will explain if you can identify the gender by the 10th week.

You May Want to Know the Gender as Soon as Possible

To get pregnant is so precious thing and you may be excited to see them and know their gender as soon as possible. However, can you tell the gender on the 10th week of pregnancy? If not, when will it be? Keep reading!

Heart sound of baby on the 10th week of pregnancy

The heart is almost developed completely on the 10th week of pregnancy. And some of you can hear the baby’s heart sounds clearly. The peak of heart rate is about 160-170 beats/min, and from this time, it gradually develops a slow and steady beat. By being able to check your baby’s heart rate at this time, the “10 weeks pregnancy wall” is over.

In addition, the heart sounds of your baby should make you more aware about your impending role as a mom. If you want your partner’s or family to hear your baby’s heart sounds, you can use a home echocardiography to share the excitement!

It’s good to share the sound of heart sounds of your baby with your partner. Especially, men don’t feel that they became a father soon and easily like women.

Skeleton of the Baby at the 10th Week of Pregnancy

The skeleton of your baby is almost developed by the 10th week of pregnancy. The bones, which are mostly cartilage until this period, gradually harden. This will help your baby keep his/her head straight and supported. The fingers and toes also split one by one and the nails grow. In addition, a total of 20 milk teeth, which is a tooth germ, grow.

Can you Tell the Baby’s Gender on the 10th Week of Pregnancy?

During the 10th week of pregnancy, gender development becomes active – the vagina is formed for girls, and the testicle for the boys. It may take more time for some to identify their babies’ gender. However, you can usually tell as early as 16 weeks. The baby will begin to grow gradually towards each gender determined at the fertilization stage.

During the early pregnancy, you take some checkup by inserting a rod-shaped probe into the vagina and examining the condition of the uterus and the baby through a vaginal echocardiography. The test results are shown on the monitor, and you can see the baby in your uterus in real time.

What can you See About your Baby on Echocardiography?

You can see the details of your baby’s body by looking at the echocardiography. It allows you to clearly view the size of the baby from his/her head to the limbs. Echo examination provides a lot of information such as pregnancy status, baby’s growth status and gender, mother and baby’s health status, and etc. Basically, information that you cannot determine from the outside.

Recently, some studies say that the characteristics of Down syndrome can be detected by echo test. However, that’s only a possibility and the certainty whether your baby actually has Down syndrome or not decreases considerably depending on the way the picture is taken. Keep in mind that the characteristic findings of Down syndrome can be seen in echocardiography.


The 10th week of pregnancy significantly changes your feeling about becoming a mom as your baby develops into human form. When you take an echo test, you can see your little baby and his/her newly developed body parts, and distinct features. You can even hear the heart sound. It’s such a precious moment that will bring a lot of excitement!

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