Can Men Take Belta Folic Acid Too?

Folic acid Belta Folic Acid

An essential B vitamin called folic acid is necessary for the creation of red blood cells as well as for the maintenance and repair of our DNA. Folic acid pills are usually known to be sold to pregnant women, but this does not guarantee the fact that only women are allowed to take Belta Folic Acid.  The answer to that mostly relies on your current dietary intake of folic acid and whether you intend to establish a family soon. Folic acid is essential to maintaining your body functioning like a well-tuned machine, even if you aren’t ready to have children just yet. 

As mentioned in the previous articles,Belta Folic Acid upholdscomponents that not only servefertility problems but an overall scope of beauty and health. This means, it is not only necessary for women who want to get pregnant but also for men, whose main worry is about taking care of their health.

Men & Belta Folic Acid

The National Institutes of Health recommend 400 mcg of folic acid for adult men as their daily dose. Lack of this vitamin can cause anemia, which has symptoms that include weakness, weariness, irritability, and shortness of breath. 

However, fortified cereals, leafy greens, beans, seeds, and other forms of the vitamin help most guys receive enough folic acid in their diets on a regular basis. Therefore, it is typically not essential to take a folic acid supplement. Nevertheless, here are the benefits a human male can get if he takes Belta Folic Acid:


The effects of folic acid on promoting fertility are what make it so popular in the media. Although folic acid and zinc sulfate are normally advertised to pregnant women, a 2002 study found that subfertile males who took them experienced a nearly 75% increase in sperm counts. 

Cardiovascular Health

Heart health should be a key goal for men as they age. Folic acid is a critical vitamin in the fight against cardiovascular disease since it is essential for the creation of red blood cells. Those who took folic acid supplements had a 10% lower risk of stroke and a 4% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a 2016 meta-analysis that was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Depression & Anxiety Orders

According to research, those who don’t get enough folate may be more likely to experience anxiety and sadness as folic acid supplementation may help prevent or lessen the signs of serious depression, though more randomized studies are required.

Anti-Aging Components

Folic acid may be able to aid if you’re concerned about how to repair premature wrinkles brought on by the sun (on top of your facial firming serum for men, that is). Researchers discovered that the combination of folic acid and creatine can lessen the effects of sun-damaged skin by promoting the regeneration of sun-damaged skin cells in a 2008 study that was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.


Men can use Belta folic acid, yes. In fact, it is advised because it actually provides them with the advantages they require. For men, folic acid has a number of significant advantages. Choose meals that have the word “fortified” prominently printed on the package if you’re worried that you’re not receiving enough folic acid. Otherwise, before deciding to take your health into your own hands, it’s crucial to consult your doctor before taking folic acid—or any supplement, for that matter.

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