Can you get pregnant if your period is irregular? What is Irregular Menstruation?

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For those women who want to get pregnant, knowing the cycle of menstruation and the date of ovulation is very important. If your menstruation cycle is irregular, you may be worried whether it’s possible to get pregnant or not.

In this article, we will explain first what the irregular menstruation is.

What is Irregular Menstruation?

“Irregular menstruation” or “abnormal menstruation” means that the period of menstruation is not fixed, or the menstruation doesn’t come regularly. There are many women who have problems with irregular menstruation, and it seems that about 80% of women have already experienced in their early teens. After that, the menstruation usually goes regular, however, some people still have irregular menstruation due to lifestyle and other causes.

Signs Of Irregular Menstruation

Even if we say, “irregular menstruation”, the symptoms vary. There are individual differences, but there are “cycle days of menstruation”, “period of menstruation”, and “amount of menstrual bleeding”, which are said to be medically average in physiology. And it’s called irregular menstruation that is far from the average.

Cycle days of menstruation

The period from the start of menstruation until the day before the next menstruation is called the menstrual cycle, and the average number of days is 25 to 38 days. If your menstruation cycle is far from the average, that is, if the number of days in the menstruation cycle is 24 days or less, it will be “polymenorrhea”, and if it’s 39 days or more, it will be “oligomenorrhea”. Even if menstruation doesn’t come for more than 3 months, it is counted as one of irregular menstruation as “amenorrhea”.

You need to check your menstruation cycle to see if it’s regular or irregular.

Period of menstruation

The average period is 3-7 days. If the number of days is shorter than that, it will be “short menstruation”. And if the number of days is more than one week, it is considered as “excessive menstruation”.

Amount of menstrual bleeding

There is an average value for amount of menstrual bleeding. It’s usually 50ml to 250ml, but if it’s less than this, it’s called ” hypomenorrhea “, and more often is ” hypermenorrhea”.

What are the causes to have irregular menstruation?

Many women have suffered from irregular menstruation. And the cause in most cases is imbalanced female hormones. The reasons for imbalanced female hormones are as follows.

  • Mental and physical stress
  • Have bad lifestyle such as lack of sleep and diet
  • Deterioration of ovarian function or abnormal thyroid function
  • Excessive secretion of prolactin (lactating hormone)

There are many causes of irregular menstruation, however, in fact, it’s overwhelmingly caused by mental stress. Temporary strong stress can change the cycle of menstruation and create a body that is difficult to get pregnant.

Of these, ovarian dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, and prolactin secretion abnormalities require diagnosis and treatment by an obstetrician and gynecologist. For irregular menstruation, there are possibility that you may have such an endocrine disease in the background. Especially if you think about pregnancy in the future, you might have ovulation disorders, etc., so to see your doctor is highly recommended

Can you get pregnant even if your menstruation is irregular?

Even if your menstruation is irregular, you can get pregnant if you have the ovulation necessary for pregnancy. On the other hand, in the case of anovulatory menstruation where ovulation has not occurred, you can’t get pregnant even if you have menstruation. However, irregular menstruation is not completely unrelated to infertility, and it’s possible you’re your body is not easy to get pregnant.

Women with irregular menstruation are said to be less likely to get pregnant than those with normal menstruation. This is because the abnormal growth period of the egg weakens due to an abnormal period of the menstrual cycle, making it easier to cause anovulation. In addition, it’s difficult to identify when the ovulation day comes, so that’s one of the reasons why it is difficult to get pregnant.


Even if you have irregular menstruation, you could get pregnant depending on the causes or if ovulation occurs or not. Therefore, if your menstruation is irregular, see your doctor or gynecologist as soon as possible, especially if you want to get pregnant. 

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