Pregnancy After Age 35: Basic Knowledge of Geriatric Pregnancy, Risks, & Countermeasures


As we get older, the body changes and weakens. And though the texture of the skin and the overall state of the body is obviously different now from your younger years, it will be accepted only because it is nature’s affirmation.

However, when it comes to pregnancy/childbirth, we cannot say so. At pregnancy/childbirth, even a simple burden has an effect on the body. If it is an older woman, childbirth risk increases. According to the Japanese Association of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, elderly birth is to give birth for the first time at age 35 or older. If you can give birth at a younger age it may be better, but you may be forced to delay pregnancy because of work or your environment.

Geriatric pregnancy and childbirth have been taken up widely in the media recently, and we have asked experts about risks and countermeasures.

Trying for pregnancy after 35

A woman’s ovum is already present and already in her body while she was in her mother’s womb before she herself was born. As you get older, the egg will also age, which inevitably will result in a decrease in your chances of getting pregnant. It begins from the age of 35 years old and the natural pregnancy rate is 1% or less after the mid-40s.

Eggs themselves also have effects of ageing. However, there are individual differences, so it seems unnecessary to think about them negatively.

What is the risk of pregnancy at the age of 35?

Even after you become pregnant, aged eggs are fraught with various risks. Ageing of the ovum is likely to occur due to abnormalities of chromosomes. If there is an abnormality in the chromosome, first, miscarriage is possible. In addition, children born may have a risk of having Down Syndrome.

In the case of geriatric childbirth, blood pressure rises during pregnancy due to the ageing of blood vessels. Pregnancy Hypertension Syndromes and diabetes may also occur due to a decline in insulin secretion ability.

Geriatric birth not only poses a great risk to the fetus but also to the mother. Because it seems that someone who may have a disease-related issue that has a possibility to get worse during pregnancy, consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Things to watch out for in your daily life to reduce the risk of elderly birth

It is important to keep eggs healthy in order to reduce the risk of geriatric birth. The age of the mother is of course involved in the ageing of the eggs, but lifestyle is also a major factor.

Smoking and drinking promote the generation of active oxygen which causes ageing. So it is strictly prohibited. Sleep shortage and stress also leads to ageing as well, so be careful not to have too much trouble with work. Degradation of blood flow due to chilling of a woman’s body also causes ageing of eggs.

It is effective if you take a bath and encourage blood circulation or eat something that warms your body such as ginger.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a mentally relaxed state is important to prevent ageing. Obesity also seems to cause ageing, so taking nutrition is important, but be careful with overconsumption of calories.

Focus on creating a body that can withstand old age birth

Birth is an exhausting act that requires considerable physical strength. Because there is a significant physical burden involved, in the case of late age childbirth, the chances of birth by Caesarean section is inevitably high. And as older people may be unable to withstand it, more bodybuilding is required.

If you have no confidence in your physical strength, try walking for a start. Gradually with the development of physical strength, your body will be able to carry out more exercises such as swimming. Since blood circulation is promoted by the exercise you should expect rejuvenation and a synergistic effect for safe delivery.

Services that offer maternity yoga and exercises for pregnant women such as aerobics (for pregnant women) are also increasing. 

By training the pelvic muscles and eliminating the lack of exercise, we can expect the beneficial effects on birth through these physical activities, so how about trying it?


Geriatric or late age birth involves a lot of risks. Nonetheless, recently, elderly birth is not uncommon any longer, and medical technology has also been developed for safely bringing birth. If you feel too uneasy, it can be a mental burden and may have an adverse effect on your body.

Risk can be reduced by firmly acquiring knowledge, correcting lifestyle habits, and making healthy bodies. 

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